Sunday, March 11, 2007

random jed picks

There was a time when Jed looked silly as a pup when he stood over his water bowl... (one of my favourite shots of him)

But this time, he really DID something silly. He threw his rawhide bone into this waterbowl and couldn't get it out despite repeated attempts of batting at it with his paw. He only succeeded in spilling his water onto the floor.

His water bowl evolution.
From left to right, the first bowl: too lightweight and he began kicking his water over to spill it all over the place. Second bowl: it has got a weighted bottom, but it still didn't stop him from sticking his paw into the bowl and dragging it so that water spills out. Third bowl: You might recognise this one...... It's the "tombok" thingy (you know, the uber heavy stone bowl that probably your grandma or mom uses to mash spices together in) with a plastic bowl sitting inside it. This one proved to be a success and Jed couldn't upset his water bowl anymore. Fourth bowl: his current one, bought cheaply from IKEA, and i think it's prolly cos mom wanted the tombok back.

(experimenting with the cropping borders. i picked this one because it's kinda like the red cross sign) This was taken when Jed went to see the vet for his itchy skin. Hence the Elizabethen collar to keep him from licking the areas of skin with medicine rubbed into it.
I can't get enough of those ears. Teehee.

One of those pictures that make me want to snorgle my face against his and make silly baby cooing noises.

A trip to the dog run where he met one of the many Jack Russells. No, i do not know the guy in pink. Isn't Jed a handsome little munchkin...? He's my handsome little munchkin.


liting said...

The entry sounds very you! Hahaha. I had a good laff at the water bowl evolution. And the first photo is indeed very cute! Now I rem how Jed looks as a puppy now! My puny brain can only register how he looks like now, can't seem to configure the pup look. Hah. As much as I ask him out of the room where we sleep (during our sleepovers), hmm that sounds like an ultimate enemy, or some member of hate-dogs group, I must still say that he can be a dear =]

joline said...


Did Liting just say that Jed can be a dear???????? HAHAHaahahah... Ok, i guess it's easier for you to appreciate him in photos than to endure his endless security guard-like curiousity and barking.

No lah, what puny brain... i also cannot remember how he looked like as a pup. I always need photos to help me, and boy... i wish i took more photos cos he was one cute puppy. *swoon*

Hahaha, glad you had a good laugh dearie... Heehee, I did too! It was great capturing moments like those. They're just so unique and add a little quirkiness to life. (and how and why does this entry sound so me?)