Saturday, March 31, 2007

A post for the girls

What do i get for wearing my really pretty Bysi skirt to work on tuesday? Ruthless mosquito bites on my otherwise scar-free thigh! Cheekopek mosquitoes. >8-(


Sorry ah guys, i've warned you already, this is a post for the girls, so it's going to be either super hilarious to you, or super boring. Hoho. :-)

I don't know why i'm doing this, but man, i wanna share information!

After years and years of searching and spending my meager student's savings on products that REALLY improve the skin and keeps it that way, it has finally culminated and resulted in these 3 bottles.

(1) Cellnique Pro-Sebum Gel: $69.90
The product that really improved the condition of my skin dramatically. Not that my face resembles a baby's butt though. But after using it daily for a week plus, pimple outbreaks are close to zilch, reduced blackheads, skin feels more smooth and supple. Not KIDDING. And no bribery either. Can be used on its own or with (2).

(2) Olay Total Effects Serum: forgot price
I used to use it on its own overnight. Not bad, but i suspect that it would work better if you don't have oily skin like me. Skin became supple but no change for pores. Now, i use it with (1) and it's optimum this way so far.

(3) The Body Shop, Vitamin C Skin Boost: $36+
I'm not sure how great this is yet since skin has already improved from using (1). Because it's a recent addition i haven't used it for very long too, so i can't see obvious differences. But still, i think that skin needs Vit C, so i'll be using this. I like the fact that it's a serum and not a cream. Cream tends to make my face oily, clogs up my pores and causes zits.

Ok, i think the only thing i've missed out here is my face wash, which is the L'Oreal Pure Zone scrub. What i would love now is for the scars to lighten...
So there you have it! Please tell me if my complexion still sucks though, i don't want to be a Happy Deluded. Hur hur.


Ambrose said...

All the females from my mum's side swear by Hazeline Snow. So does my dad.

It's cheaper than the 3 u've mentioned too!

My dad's 50. or 51. he looks 30+. or so the many many ppl who've seen him claim.

Juz a tot. after all, skincare products should always be customized to the individual. there's no universal solution to skincare (except mayb hazeline snow -,-'")

joline said...


HAH. Very funneh Ambrose... Wah your DAD also... So cute!
Oh, i've never tried Hazeline Snow before. I remember that the only time i "used" it was when fascinated little kid joline enjoyed sticking her finger into the bottle to feel the texture and coolness of the cream. Never landed on my face though. Hee. I wouldn't mind trying it later on. I guess i chose these bunch of products is because it meets the needs of the skin's current condition. (ie, blackheads, etc)

lakeside girl said...

Am tempted to try out (1)....

But it costs more than my Bioessence products combined. So i think i'll stick with them.

But as an emerging Auntie, i'd like to raise awareness of a super cheap but super good face masks in Guardian!

$15.90 for Anti-acne face masks by Guardian (own house brand)

It's so good that i'm sure my face will sing if it can.

joline said...

lakeside girl:

Ooo, ooo, is Bioessence good?

Hahahah, oh gosh, this puts me to shame cos i steer away from house brands, only because they usually get not so good reviews. The guardian masks are that effective? I shall pop by and see if they've got other types of masks available.

One thing i gotta say though, pimple production has definitely slowed down after coming out from the teen years. Thank God. But the oil... Oh yuck, that's going to stay i think.

lakeside girl said...

Yea, Bioessence is great and affordable too (main point =p)

Yes try that mask! THe Anti-Acne mask fades out old scars and blemishes and evens out skin tone too. Yea...thaaaaat good.

joline said...

lakeside girl:

HoowAH. Consider that done. I shall go try it ouuutt! Thanks Mari! Ah, love sharing girly stuff like this.

Think i didn't try Bioessence the other time cos the saleslady kinda freaked me out.

lakeside girl said...

I discovered the power of CLINIQUE.

Shall share more on my blog soon.

Hahaha..thanks to you la Jole!!

joline said...

lakeside girl:

Eh???? I never advertise Clinique leh. Anyway, WAITING FOR IT!
I've always wanted to know if the efficacy of those higher end products justified their price tags.

Anonymous said...

i dun swear by any beauty products leh. in fact, i shun commercial brands, being using doc's medicine. this clinic in tampines that is like crazy. the queue starts at 7am and the doc only comes at 930am

joline said...


WOAH. THAT GOOD ah? a dermatologist?

i guess it's cos your skin can take only selected products.

Anonymous said...

actually not a dermatolgist, she just had an advanced diploma from some institute in uk.

joline said...


hurhur, but it seems to be helping people all right. i'm curious to know what products she uses.

heather said...

hi, just stumble upon your blog. yeah! i love Cellnique pro sebum gel too. Now it's called b.liv by Cellnique - Off with those heads! cute name right? they have whole lots of new ranges compares with last time. you can check out their webby

joline said...


hi heather, this is quite an old post! :-) yep, i've seen the new range of products, happy and cheery looking. though the prices are now quite out of my student budget. :-S