Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Wanted to post up the pictures of ACJC, but i couldn't get down to the editing fast enough... and i'm at the clinic working today. Oh well.

Observations of the day (so far):

1. Babies/Children are puke reservoirs that have deadly aim.

2. Baby puke is way better (less destructive to everyone) than adult puke.

3. Baby's father was just AWESOME in handling the situation and his child, despite having to deal with being in a populated bus, the jerky bus ride, baby puke all over his work clothes and cleaning up the mess (even the puke on the FLOOR!).
I salute him big time. He was calm, collected, polite to the people around him and still loving towards his little toddler. His wife (who wasn't there) would be so proud. :-)

4. I couldn't help but feel a sense of identification and endearment (<--weird i know!) when i let my gaze shift slowly from person to person as they were catching their 40 winks on the way to work on the bus this morning. I just felt like we were all in this system of life together, of having to work for a living and trying to make good in each of our lives.

5. My new Bysi skirt that i'm wearing now at work is very pretty. (got it at a sale, 2 skirts at $23!) Thank goodness D and i walked by Bysi that day at IMM. ;-D

6. I hate the feeling of being sleepy at work. Especially when you are the ONLY frontdesk person around. You're the first person clients see when they walk in, and you're the first person your boss sees when he steps out from his office. You can imagine how horrifying it is to be caught sleeping on the job! You feel imprisoned and you can't escape for the next few hours. The only way is to either msn (if you have kind friends) or drink water. The sleepiness hits bad after lunch, and more so when you're attempting to read your textbook.

This's all for now!

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