Wednesday, September 07, 2005

This is Skinny. (not its name.) They're no longer identifiable by markings on their bodies, but by who's fatter. I kid you not.

This is Fatso, lying on its back in sheer hedonism. See its little feet? And see how it's practically PIAK-ed out, SPREAD OUT, SPLAT, like a slug? Munching on something fresh out from its pouch too, no less.

He's got the most doofus-ty face that i've ever seen. More doofus- ty than mine, and that says a lot already.

*sigh* Yes, he placed himself there, the little sandwich filling, he is.

You know, they just make life a tad more bearable.

*** ***

I can safely say that i've been banging on my white and black keys for about 2+ hours? Since... i don't know, 12+pm, 1pm? (about 3:45 pm now) Not too sure. It's been a long while since i've stared at "tao gehs" because i've begun taking keyboard classes since the beginning of this year that required me to play chords (which we derive from looking at alphabets) for praise and worship in church.
Been too accustomed to alphabets lately, so reading notes had been slightly alien just now. Had to stare quite hard at the bass clef notes to figure out what they were.

David Lanz has some seriously nice piano pieces that i've conquered years ago but argh, i sound really bad playing them now. It's the entire lack of practice and to rub salt to the wound, i've got short and fat fingers. Playing chords that range one octave is challenging enough, but some chords need me to stretch beyond that.
Arrr, saya taboleh lah.

But what was freaky, was that while i was banging away, i kept hearing this strange tap-tap sounds coming from the room(s) on my right. And each time when i would stop to listen, i wouldn't hear them anymore.
I got up from where i was seated and went to investigate. I didn't see or find anything strange (a ghostly figure sitting in a corner hammering wooden pieces or something?) or anything that would explain what i heard.
Even Jed was sleeping soundly in my room which was in the direction of the funny sounds.

Went back to the piano feeling puzzled and as i continued playing, the back door to the kitchen SLAMMED really loudly. You know how doors slam shut when the wind blows too strongly? Yeah, that kind of slamming. But i looked out the windows, and saw that the trees were still and unmoving under the hot sun. And then i sat still trying to ascertain if i could feel any winds going through the house, but no, i felt nothing. Zilch.

Sigh. I guess i really suck so bad on the piano, reading tao geh, that even the fellas in the other dimension lost their patience and had to tell me to quit making such a din.

NB: Anyway, i checked again and found that it was indeed windy downstairs lah. So, no ghosts. =)

*** ***

I've just finished the second last assignment for the year and i'm taking a break as well as psyching myself up for the last and most major essay that will actually account for the grades of two whole assignments. How scary is that.

Out of 4 questions, i am suppose to pickity dickity 1. And wow. Each question is SO GENERAL, SO GENERAL that i think every single cognitive psychology resource out there in the entire universe is applicable to the question. Now, i am beginning to feel mortal fear growing in me because, bear in mind, i have a very anal retentive tutor whom i have dubbed "The Oracle", and he has no qualms about failing people as he deems "fit".

Oh, how i cower in horror!


*** ***

This post was originally suppose to just say that... I am very happy. And fortunate. And blessed.

Dum dee dee dum.
=) =D
=)) =DD

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