Friday, September 09, 2005

Yesterday ah, the Technophobe went to Techno Heaven. (The less dodgy looking one.)

And so right now, after feverishly ripping apart with her vicious fangs and sharpened claws and drooling over the items complete with bulging bloodshot eyes opening the tough plastic boxes that barred her from her prized purchases.... Her lappie, a.k.a Adele, (it's a Dell lappie) has new friends!


For a person who fears knowing about IT related stuff, she does actually like such (simple enough) gadgets.

My mouse is funky because its cord can be retracted and STORED IN THE MOUSE. HOW FUNKY IS THAT. No mess!

*** ***

Jolly Jean had a bug. She loved that bug so much, she bought a bug run for it, put in lots of sand for bug burrows, sometimes bought bug friends that eventually died (oh well) and fed the bug all its favourite food. Jolly Jean made sure her pet bug was well taken care of.
The bug felt so very loved.

And whenever Jolly Jean leans over the bug run to tell the bug how the bug is the only bug in her Jolly heart, the bug... Well...


*** ***

Did i already say that i am very happy, fortunate and blessed? lalala. My happiness isn't stemming from the fact that all my gadgets work so no need to go back to Techno Heaven to make a goods exchange.

I am aware that this might be an incoherent post. To most people at least.


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