Tuesday, September 20, 2005

I'm reaching the last lap for this academic year, and before i begin mugging like never before for my end year exams, i need to complete this very last cognitive psychology essay assignment. Wah, major stuff, until did research at national library also ok? A first time ever, during this year that i've put in this amount of effort.

Until the next time when i think that something needs to die die be blogged or if I just get so tired of the same old post, I think i will be on a blog halt.
Quite sick of the word "hiatus".

Actually ah, knowing myself, when i begin mugging, i BET i'll have plenty of nonsense to spout. *rolls eyes*

Onward too, all ye taking examinations soooon! We shall overcome and win this war.

Till Then.
"The Lord is my Strength and Portion forever"

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