Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Flipping through the Ikea magazine makes me think of going to furniture stores with tastefully designed wares, hand-in-hand with my err, imaginary husband.

Oh! How i would love to have those simple but chic kitchenware with clean and smooth finishes without the ah-mah looking motifs and prints often seen on cheap porcelain kitchenware you get at late night pasar malams or heartland hardware shops and...
Oh! How about those deliciously gleaming and sleek stainless steel cutlery with them generous curves (oooh, sexy!) !
OH! What i would give to have those funky rainbow bedsheets. Ok fine, but they are available only from the kid's section. :-( *pout*

I just love the idea of coming up with a concept for my future home, filling the white empty space with new fixtures, breathing in the smells of the fresh and newly opened/set-up, having the choice of how cluttered i want my home to be, with ornaments and whatnot.

(Too much stuff sitting on the floor traps dust and grime and makes it hard to sweep and mop, you see.)

But I'm also a fan of deep, warm colours as well... *puuurrrr*

Maybe more later.

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