Friday, September 16, 2005

It's a long journey to discover oneself, and it's an equally long one to get to know more about someone else.
Even mom and dad are discovering new things about one another (eh, well, now and then), and it's been about 20+ years.

As I'm discovering your likes, dislikes, characterisitics and quirks, i am amazed and delighted each time at how i see that both our similarities and differences go neatly together.

The similarities enhance and enrich, while the differences (of course not all the differences are positive.) fit together nicely to complement one another. It's almost as if everything is fitting bit by bit into a complete jig saw puzzle.

(yes, an overused and probably certified hackneyed analogy. Please forgive me.)

In a jig saw puzzle, each piece is cut out differently, each subtly different in shape, each with a different printed picture portion, no piece being the same.
Every little jig saw piece has its rightful place in the picture and not one can take the place of the other. Without one single piece, the picture lies incomplete, even unsightly, not giving the beauty that it was suppose to convey its full credit.

Yet in all their differences, they fit and fuse together snugly, colours and shapes, to reveal a perfect masterpiece at the end of the day.

(kudos to Picasa 2 that allows techno dodos like mua to edit existing photographs.)

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