Tuesday, September 06, 2005

What makes a good or not-so-good archer?

Very simply, a good archer is someone who has a positive attitude towards teaching, constructive criticism, learning, has patience and does not give up. It would be a bonus if the person is a natural, but it's ok if one is the sort who'll do ok but just with more practice.

A not-so-good archer is simply the opposite of the above, OR, someone who isn't able to handle the physical aspects of the sport.

I absolutely hate it when certain people do not see potential and do not consider the other essential external factors, but straight away look only at the end result(s) to pass unfair judgement upon others.
Shallow, i tell you.

The worse part is when they themselves don't show results, STILL think that they are good archers, and have the cheek to use their same shallow mode of classification to label other people.
DUH, please go look at yourself in the mirror first ok?

Ok, i was pissed.

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