Monday, July 05, 2010

I think i FINALLY KNOW what i want to concentrate on for my dissertation. It wasn't a BAM!SLAM! awakening but a little inkling that sneaked into my consciousness while reading some locally published fathering booklets. When i went for the recent fathering conference held at NUS, apparently the Guest of Honour mentioned that this particular area hasn't been studied yet in Singapore... And that is, "What do Fathers think/feel about their roles? As Fathers, Men, Husbands, his own Person, etc)"

I've been wondering over whether this was it and i let the idea swim around for a while in my head. Been asking God for heeelllppp and it's been weeks and nothing has changed. So, yeah, i think, this is it. F.I.N.A.L.L.Y!

Better email my supervisor to see what thunks she.


Might be exploring Henderson Bridge today with Gem!


I'm stoked for two close friends of mine who've gotten new jobs! PRAISE GOD!
And for Gem too, he's gotten a couple of cool openings since his graduation. I think that though he can grow more into his craft, his works are pretty sweet now. I'm so proud of him. :)


Anonymous said...

am i one of your friends?


joline said...

yes miss V...

Anonymous said...

haha. work has not been crazy but there are a lot to learn. none of my colleagues really knock off on time! haha. insane right? haha. i do have the pressure to stay back also :S haha. anyhoos, but so far so good.

eh, you should change the caption for your picture. it's a picture of Jed on recent running event


zzen said...

i got job opening. my office hiring acct asst.anybody u knw u can intro me. come join me. the work is ok, wont be over whelming. off work on the dot.i cover some of this person'
s duties one.