Thursday, July 15, 2010

13th July 2010 (Tuesday)

Gem and i decided to go for some japanese food at Liang Court. So here's me snapping pictures while crossing over the bridge, away from The Central. Hot, scorching day!
Us! Gem is cool right. :) He's slowly getting used to having to shave his head and he's growing out a goatee to see how it goes. I like. :)
Wot are these?
Card holders! Check our how cute and small they are...
Neat huh? Gem's friend kindly gave up two though i just wanted to buy one from him. It was so nice of him to do that.
My mushroom and egg bowl. Lovely. Tasty, slightly gooey with some sauce and in just the right amount for me. Delicious!
Gem's safe option... Teriyaki chicken. *yawn* Heh.

We later adjourned to Starbucks for our "serious talk". Lets just leave it as that, k. :)
Gem ordered a white chocolate coffee thingy. It was super sweet, but yum!

I started taking shots of his drink and my caramel macchiato because they were served under a spotlight. Couldn't stop the shutterbug in me. Haha.
And then... The really, really sweet Barista that day saw me snapping and he made us a special latte with a heart shape on top with the foamed milk! For free! I thought it was someone else's order at first but he motioned to us to take it and to continue having fun snapping more pictures. Gosh. That is some initiative on his part. TOP MARKS for service! I wonder what his name is.
The dessert freak shook cinnamon and vanilla powder over her drink.
All THREE drinks! Uhm, yum.

And then, all gone. Yum. Mm. *satisfied*
Went home and cooked up a chicken and mushroom salad dinner for Gem and I. He marinated the mushrooms while i did the chicken.
This is Jed taking advantage of a sleeping human in the morning. Snuggling in between warm legs and blanket to feel warm and comfy.
I woke Gem up and Jed proceeds to plonk himself down in Gem's lap.
Just look at the little punk. *sigh* :)


Anonymous said...

awwwww. COUPLE TIME! here comes Joline! haha.


joline said...

heh heh... ;)
finally, some couple time after 1 year! i think out of the 5 years we've been together, i've seen him physically present maybe 2 1/2 years of the time. hoho.

thanks for enlightening me about the hdb stuff tonight! :)