Thursday, July 15, 2010

Gurkha Palace with Gem (5th July 2010)

Yet again on one of our food adventures around Singapore, Gem and i went to Little India, Chander Road for some Nepalese food. We discovered that actually, we'd been here before some years ago. In which case, great! This place must be surviving well to have lasted so long. :) Good food to be had, then!
The menu... In it, hidden all sorts of treasures! Yummmm...
Papadom thingy with a green herb sauce.
This was kidney beans with bamboo shoots in yoghurt and tomato gravy. It was surprisingly spicy!
Potatoes with their special in-house sauce. I think. Cannot remember details.

I thought this was broccoli but it's actually...
Chicken! In their special green herbs blend. Oh, it was lovely... Juicy, tasty and fresh out of the cooking pot/wok/whatever contraption.
Knowing that we were in some food paradise, i made sure to choose food that was healthy! Knowing Gem... Haiyo. hurhur.

Verdict: Reasonably priced, tasty and fresh food. Though the portions may look kinda small, and might indeed be so for big eaters. I missed out on showing a shot of the plain naan and mango lassi that we ordered. But we were quite stuffed in the end! Altogether about $13 per person.


friesaddictz said...

Jo, have u been to holland v, the restaurant called fries place or sth? it is all abt fries. dying to go try leh. it was on monday's papers. cos the owner is awfully chocolate's owner.*drools*

Joline said...

Yup! It's called Everything with Fries. I've been there once and i ate a burger with fries, and coleslaw. All in all, not too bad at all! :)

The dessert i had (nutella crepe layer thingy cake) wasn't that nice though.

but quite a nice place, i must say.

Joline said...

i posted a couple of photos of the food there in a previous post. just check out the "food" archives. (the post is called "in recent snaps... part 2)

zzen said...

aowwww.....i must have missed tat post.i m watching despicable me!