Sunday, July 25, 2010

Tried and Tested. Its works!

Gem and i, decided on a sort of short notice that we were going to have a "makeshift BBQ" date at West Coast. After my Shape Run (25th July), what better way to go chill and EAT than head over with my best friend to West Coast for a little fresh air and cancerous tasty grilled food, innit?

I headed to NTUC to get the readymade BBQ grill and some food. I was a little concerned that the charcoal inside would be of a lousy grade though... Gem packed whatever BBQ stuff he had from home and was making this way over.

Anyway, after a whirlwind of activity at home, we made it out of the house. We checked and landed up at West Coast Park. Yes indeed. Following the instructions, it led us to A PRIVATE HOUSING ESTATE along a road called "West Coast Park". EXTREMELY: -_-"""

So we caught a cab, and headed to the REAL West Coast Park, which we will now enter into any direction-giving website as "West Coast Highway". Dui man. But pretty darn funny.

Being the anal photographer wanting to be grilling food under the golden hour setting sun, i was hopping about anxiously hoping to set up our pit in time to catch the golden rays. Anyway. We reached West Coast Park with little ado, and we were greeted with lovely kites flying HIGH up in the blue sky. It was so beautiful. I was captivated. Awed. Check it out!

Neat huh. :)

Setting up our mama stall roadside BBQ grill. I felt so bad that we didn't have any bricks to prop up our grill, i had no idea that the grass would be so badly burnt afterwards. Next time, i'll do things differently.
Gem doing the fire work. The wind put out our flame a few times, but oh.. the fire turned out wonderful! Well done, Gem. Otherwise, we wouldn't have been able to eat and would have had to turn to the nearby Macs. :(
Lovely flame going on.
Embers! YAY!
Our fish in the foil, and..... our ENOKI WRAPPED IN BACON! Oh. My.
Are you drooling yet. I am. We made these together and created a special sauce to spread over it while grilling. Special sauce: Manuka honey+some Kicap manis thingy+soya sauce+lime juice+black pepper.
More stuff added onto the grill. With me around, you WILL be eating your greens.
US! Full and satisfied.
So here's my setting sun, taken from our sweet mama stall BBQ spot.
It's official! Makeshift BBQ grill set thingy works! Just buy your own firestarters though. The ones provided in the set didn't catch any flame at all.


zzzz said...

u shud arrange the charcoals in a heart shape mah. then take pic together. burning heart leh.HAHAHAHA

Anonymous said...

1) You and your boyflen are so sweet!
2) You are so pretty!
3) What a good idea! I always think that for a BBQ, you've gotta have a pit and there's no other way to go but BIG. You have taught me otherwise!
4) Your pictures are gorgeoussss.
5) Cannot tahan the deliciousness of the food. I am hungry.


Joline said...


hahaha, that's funny. didn't think of that.


1) aww, thanks! :) he's sweeter than me though.
2) *beams* thankew cheryl. you know words are my love language. you are so pretty too! i've always said you are very photogenic as well. what a killer combi. :)
3) hurhur. well, you would be absolutely right if you are cooking for a bigger group. need bigger grill, if so. but yeah, small tin does a good job for a small group. Just remember to bring extra charcoal to keep the fire burning. otherwise, it works real sweet! Try it some time, honeh. ;)
4) Woah, so honoured. Coming from the photographer herself! I was using my mom's point and shoot Casio. I dunno why the colours turned out looking so nice also... haha. (i'm not a casio fan). Dunno which setting i used.
5) HAHAHAHAH..... i hope it wasn't around midnight when you started getting hungry.

i love your lengthy, point form, interesting, encouraging comment!

Anonymous said...

awwwww. so nice!!!!! couple time


joline said...


yeah, it was real nice being with my homey. if only we could camp there! it was such a pretty spot by the sea.

isszzy said...

nice!! and i drooled over the food!!! :P how much does the makeshift bbq thing cost? i don't think i've seen it before!

joline said...


haha, i hope you didn't drool over your keyboard.

the BBQ set that we used cost... roughly about $9-$10. i think. A bigger sized one is, i roughly remember it to be about $13+.

you can find it at NTUC, at the BBQ utensils corner where they sell the aluminium trays, charcoal and wire mesh.