Tuesday, February 23, 2010

This isn't a very good photo... But here's a picture of the cake that i've ALWAYS wanted to eat but never got a chance till i went for a buffet at The Melt (sister's birthday). I LOVE the Ispahan cake: a soft, giant pink macaron, sandwiching a layer of raspberries and lychee, filled with rose buttercream.
Yes, i died and went to Heaven.

Washed dinner and dessert down with a light and simple English Breakfast tea. Divine. :)


zenn said...

tat cake looks divine. heeeheeehhee

Joline said...


it's quite sweet though... but lovely. :) Bakerzin used to make this but not anymore. Sad!

zzen said...

at first look, i thot it is carrot cake. although i no idea hw carrot cake(nt those kopi tiam carrot cake la) looks like, i thot tat orange tingy is carrot?wahahaha i sua gu la. i most go hi tea more often sia.

joline said...


no lah. haha. the carrot cake you're thinking of is usually brown, with flecks of darker brown stuff in the cake itself and yes, with grated carrots. and usually it has a relatively thick layer of some white/off-white colour sweet cream-something on top.

just go to coffee bean, you'll find the carrot cake there.

zzen said...

i super sua gu lor.hahahaha..yesh i have to go n try it soon.