Tuesday, February 23, 2010

girly buys from Sephora

I've been wanting a vitamin C serum for about a year already. I was eyeing the one from Skinceuticals but it would cost me an arm, so i settled for this. Was hoping to find something that would deliver and wouldn't bust my pocket. Bought this because it's made with organic products, brand seems results oriented but also has adopted practices that love the Earth. When it comes to skincare products, i make an effort to read the ingredients. So what i saw on the box pleased me: there wasn't a plethora of chemicalish stuff i cannot pronounce but was instead made from a combination of nature's botanical goodness. it does not do testing on animals, contains no petrol chemicals, parabens or those lauryl sulfate stuff, nor synthetic fragrances or colours. I didn't know what a gem I had bought till i went online to look for reviews. Apparently, it's a product quite a lot of people like! I've only used it twice so far at night, and not on consecutive days though. It has a strange smell (which i like) and i'm really liking what i see in the morning after applying it overnight. Skin looked supple and plumped, and i'm not sure about this, but i thought my acne scars looked a little lighter.

In my quest to complete my work attire look for my practicum/work, i bought this palette of eyeshadow colours.

Having been wow-ed the first time, i decided to buy this after trying it the second time (and was wow-ed again). I brought "that gal" home! It really does increase the mileage of my foundation. Skin looks smoother!


z said...

i dun tink u need to look purposely older for ur work. just dont dress kiddy n u r credible liao. why is there a need to look older? i have seen some pretty young docs n it is like nt i didnt trust them

joline said...


because asian clients tend to assess your credentials as a counsellor based on how you look. which i want to avoid because it's quite irritating. it happened once to me with this one client and i was a bit affected so i just want to minimize this issue of "being young" getting in the way of getting my work done. it is so unnecessary. even my supervisor said that we have to dress up a bit more. but also know how to deal with it with the client, if possible, challenge their bias.

zzen said...

tat benefit primer got shades or nt? or transparent?

Joline said...


no shades. it's just one colour, a sheer pink. but the colour isn't obvious when spread on the skin.

Lucille said...

I agree with you on dressing up, not to look older, but to project a mature image...looking like a sweet young thing creates an itch in certain people...this is a predatory world...so...don't look like a prey.

zzen said...

hows ur practicum? and where did u buy ur work clothes? yn is rite....in a way. looking too sweet can be dangerous.

Joline said...


Absolutely agree, 100% chop.


practicum is ok so far... though i still suffer bouts of anxiety. there are times when i do freak out and i need to pray and do self talk to help myself relax.

hm, my work clothes are a mixture of stuff. pants from G2000, tops could be from iora, bonitochico, this fashion... i don't have a fixed place to buy work clothes from. as a student, whatever is cheap and is value for money, i'll go for it when i can afford it.

zen said...

as u go further, u will find it smoother.and less nerve wrecking. i remembered my first injection to my pt, my hand was shaking so badly. hahaha no joke, bt most of my frends our hands were shaking, if nt our hearts are shaking.u get the drift

joline said...


yup... i'm hoping that is the case. :)

i really find what i do interesting, it's just that i'm so fearful, which is what makes it dreadful to me. so yeah, i'm hoping that with more experience and guidance, i'll improve and really start to enjoy my work.
thanks girl. :)

zenn said...

ur work is meaningful. as long as u keep the bigger meaning of the purpose in ur heart, u will nt be dragged down by the nitty gritty. and yes, as u go along, u will feel less nervous, dreadful...so u will enjoy it eventually. give it some time.