Saturday, February 13, 2010

I wonder if Samsung got the inspiration for one of its message tones by listening to nature.

This morning, i heard a call of a bird outside my window and mistook it for my phone's message tone. Teehee.


Lucille said...

it's only because Koreans think like Chinese ppl...Chinese ppl like bird sounds... :)

joline said...


Chinese in particular like bird sounds? I've never heard of that one before.

zzen said...

last time got a colleague, her msg tone is window microsoft tat pc starting tone. can u imagine? no wonder i kept on wondering why she kept on restarting her pc....until i realised is her hp msg tone one fine day.WAAHAHAHA

Joline said...


HAHA. gosh. there's only so many times we can tahan hearing that tone leh!