Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Before i left his study room, dad was telling me that his laser pointer cum powerpoint slides changer (when you press a button) that has been with him for years no longer works. He was a little sad because he was going to have a presentation the next day and no matter what he did, the little device couldn't come back to life. It had well and truly croaked.

I left the room and was doing stuff at my comp when after about 10-15 minutes, dad came by my room entrance and excitely exclaimed, "JO! I'm SO excited!"

"What? Why?"

With a big ole bright grin and waving the pointer about in his fist, he said, "I held the pointer in my hand and said, in JESUS' NAME, IT. SHALL. WORK.! And then i turned it on and... it WORKS!!!!!"

Apparently, Jesus saves/heals electronic devices too. He's quite tech sav(e)vy, huh? :p


Lucille said...

tat's so cool...!

joline said...


Neat huh? :D
and it worked through out the day too with other people using it as well.

Juz Leo said...

haha! reminds me of this little joke i read before about how Jesus and the devil had a little competition online and when there was like a power shut down, the devil was screaming and kicking a big fuss while Jesus was cool and collected. The power came back and the devil was starting from scratch and Jesus still had everything He had done.

Moral of the story - Jesus SAVES. the devil doesn't!

joline said...


haha, yeah, i laughed out loud when i heard it for the first time.

actually... when i read my post again, it reminded me of a certain someone who was using the power of prayer to open a bottle of wine.

Lucille said...

That's why I've always liked the phrase on the magnet... "Prayer changes everything" ;)