Friday, February 26, 2010

Buttercake and Cream (Sunset Way)

Gem and I went on a little date after church one night and he brought me to this place called Buttercake N Cream at Sunset Way. It was originally known as Peaberry and Pretzel, but changed the name and concept with the change of management. We ordered the couple set. Dish one was unfortunately a dismal (portion and variety) looking salad. It was fresh, at least.
Oh, but things get better now. This mushroom soup was absolutely tummy warming, tasty, creamy and full of juicy pieces of mushrooms. Lovely, without a doubt. Bowl was a little small though.
Main course 1: Pork chop. Somehow it didn't wow me, but it was not bad and it had that lovely grilled/bbq (i'm not quite sure of how to describe it) taste along with the tasty marinade. Chips were nice and thick.
Main course 2: Beef Steak. Also didn't blow me away, but it was pretty decent.
Gem had one of their recommended beverages, the Lemon Lime Bitter (LLB), while i had chamomile tea. They were served in mini-not-so-mini JUGS. After having eaten a fair bit of food, the amount of drink served was certainly quite a bit for a full stomach, but since we'd all want our money's worth, i've no complaints. I was impressed. The LLB drink was really good, by the way. It was too bad we were on the full side to really enjoy it. But i wouldn't change a thing. :P
Finally, dessert: Warm chocolate pudding, served with vanilla sauce and ice cream. Ice cream was ok as ice creams go, the vanilla sauce was smooth with just the right amount of sweetness, (made with REAL vanilla beans) and the chocolate pudding was... Rich and thick. Warm. Melty. Slightly bitter which complemented the ice cream and sauce provided. Lovely.
Here you go, another picture!


WR @ David said...
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WR @ David said...

the greenish neon secondary lighting in these pics are reminiscent of the late80's / early90's scifi film look :P
yummy pics though!

joline said...


hahaha. i know, and it's not nice! HAHA.
wanna go baccckkk?
(for deeserts!)