Thursday, February 25, 2010

Fruity finds

Little pomegranates! So cute! But my phone cam focused on the leaves BEHIND it.

Was walking out along the covered walkway and what should i find?

There are TWO! Sneaky little things.
Pomelo! Woah, wanted to bring home sia. But could only bring home photos.
And just the other day as i was walking out, i found a PASSION FRUIT PLANT WITH FRUITS! I was so in love. No seriously, i love passion fruits and seeing them growing on local soil is actually quite charming. How often do we get to see fruits growing naturally before they land up in our supermarkets?
I shall be keeping my eyes peeled for more fruity finds at secret location.


WR @ David said...

hmm.. wonder if your "macro" mode was on for the first pic?

i spy tall green fencing and residential blocks in this secret location heh heh

zzen said...

i got the pomegranates at my house!!!hehehe.but fruits nt so big la.hehehehe...

joline said...


macro was on.
heh, yes, i was in a fenced area... Sssh!


OH! Do you eat them???

z said...

nope. leave it alone. i only ate one long long long ago