Saturday, February 02, 2008


Today, i did something i thought i'd never be doing this soon... (i thought i'd only try it when i get hitched)
(er, when i read that above line for the second time, i realized it sounded a bit WRONG. HAHAHHAHA.) Aiya, quite innocent lah, don't think too far.


Ok, not a big deal in this day and age when practically everyone has tried it at least once unless you've got perfect eyesight.

But for me, i've always had an issue with fiddling with my eye and the area around the eye. So, the thought of putting something into my eye and then taking it out via a PINCHING action is pretty darn squeamishy. *shiver*

There was once when i went to an eye doctor regarding a stye in the underside of my eyelid. He wanted to take a look at it, so he sat me down and tried to flip up my eyelid with some CAVEMAN PIECE OF TOOL, aka, A PAPER CLIP?! Yeah, so i sat there with this crude piece of thing approaching my eye and i just balked. A few times. So he gave up and started to tell me what i should do to resolve the stye. And i was on the verge of crying because there i was, feeling so helpless, scared and pathetic, and yet i was this 22 year old buffalo afraid of some painless prodding.

I felt really bad about not being able to allow him to examine me, so I told him i'd let him try again. In the end, he finally flipped up my eyelid and i sat there rigid and tense and hoped for it to be over soon. It wasn't too bad really. I just had to just... well, steel myself.

Anyway, since i've invested some $204 into this, it's all or nothing... or i could exchange all of it for a spanking new pair of glasses. Hurhurhur. (the easy way out)

Right, got to work tomorrow, so it's off to bed. the last time i had a dream about contact lenses, i dreamt that it was like putting huge pieces of scotch tape into me eyes! Now... wearing contacts is going to be a reality. Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh. I really never thought i'd be bothering to buy them!

My optician was this super chatty (but quite nice) girl. I can't reveal too much here to protect her identity, but yeah. We hit it off somewhat due to a common portal we walked through at some point in our lives. She seems to have faith that i'll be fine with the whole contact lense wearing process. HO BOY. Wait till she has to actually deal with me then we'll talk!

Two more weeks, and it'll be hello contacts, hello spectacleless joline! Woo!

(i feel so silly raving about this when people have moved onto Lasik already. Hurhur. Oh well.)


jun said...

Go JO!!!!! Open WIDE them eyes and pop yer contacts in. They'll fit real fine. And, commit the process of stiking them in to God. He'd help u(:

joline said...


i think the harder part is taking them out! the pinching action is just.... OMG. ARGH. That one i sure will ask God for lots of help. i shall be going to get me lenses on the 18th, monday.

Anonymous said...

hey! i think u will look v v nice without specs! high time man, u'll look so much better with contacts trust me. oh wats a little scare for the sake of beauty? it is not tat scary lah....believe me, once u get the hang of it, it is easy peasy.5 seconds top. tats how pro u get if u wear it everyday!

joline said...


oh man, it was REALLY hard man... omg. i really fussed and fumed over taking them out and putting them in.

i've been wearing them for about 4hours as practice, and i must say tt it isn't very comfortable... eyes feel kinda tired. and my vision blurs now and then.

i guess glasses will still be my main mode of vision correction. contacts will be for occasions only.

Anonymous said...

oh my, u need some eyedrops for dry eyes then. tats the same as me, got those disposable, one time use ones. u can bring a few along with u outside....i guess as much, although i think some sports , specs can be bothersome. and for me, my specs fog up once i wear my mask at work, and the mask is not fitting ...tats when i really want to wear contacts to work. but u know me, i cant wake up every morning in time for my breakfast, much less contacts.

petit rose said...

sometimes it's hard to get the lenses out cos your eyes are dry. try blinking rapidly before taking it out. in a worse case scenario (for this daily focus one day lens) i couldn't grab the lenses out cos it was too splippery and stuck to my eyes. as a last resort i used facial tissue to grab it out.

joline said...

petite rose:

welcome back to sg! :-D

USING TISSUE?! OMG. That seriously sounds like a last resort! Agh, so scary!

And yup, i agree with you... it's a good idea to moisten the eye again before taking the contacts out, esp after a long day out with it. there was one day when i was "digging" at my eye just to take the contacts out. and landed up looking with a white rabbit with red eyes when i was done.