Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Many problems arise because the root of the issue lies in insecurity.

Have you asked yourself these questions: Just what is it, in this world, that has robbed so many, so many, of us, of our security? Where have we invested our trust to keep our sense of security safe? Why is the issue of insecurity so acute and widely proliferate?


scezzy said...

omg cheem. Umm.. Uh... aiyoh.

I dunno :(

ps. chin up, joline!

cheekysalsera said...

I can't quite put a finger on the answer, but I think it's very closely tied to our sense of self-worth. Insecurity hits whenever we feel that wherever we're deriding our sense of self-worth from isn't as permanent as we thought, or doesn't seem permanent.

Anonymous said...

i think.. it stems from whether important people (eg parents / people that we look up to and love / close friends) in our lives tell us we are important/lovely/etc or not. If they dont, or if they are ambivalent about it, we tend to feel insecure... If they do tell us that we rock and that they'll love us unconditionally, we feel more secure.. :D

That's why we all need to know there's someone Big up there that loves us unconditionally.

that's cookie monster's theory! ;)

joline said...


Thanks scezzy. :-)

teehee, you're darn funny as usual. :-p


Very true. Ve muz save ze verld from temporary zelf worth storage!

anon aka cookie monster:

heh, do i sense cookie-monster-cum-John-Bowlby's-theory in there somewhere.

but yes, i agree with cookie monster about big daddy. *wink* (psst, remember the sms!)