Wednesday, February 20, 2008

I managed to get an interview for a job at YMCA (everybody sing, "WWAII--MM--SEE AYEEE!!!) *ahem*

Yeah, anyway, i applied to a few places and this one responded first. I personally am more interested in the job at The Salvation Army because of the more sporty element. But i suppose this one is a bit more "meaningful", since i can concentrate on the individuals.

This is the ad from the Singapore Association for Counselling website:

YMCA Project Bridge has a vacancy for the below post:
Position: Counsellor/Youth Worker

YMCA Project Bridge is an outreach center (a stone's throw away from Woodlands MRT Station) with the goal of reaching out to Out-of-School Youths (OSYs) and Youth at Risks (Y@R) aged from 13 to 19.

We are looking for an individual with the PASSION to reach out to these youths and guide them back on the right track.

If you have what it takes contact Mr Isaac Lim @ 96450433 or email to

Job Requirements:
• Recognized Degree / Graduate Diploma in Counseling
• Experienced with OSYs or Y@R Preferred.
• Able to work with all races of youths.
• Confident in taking up individual casework or group work.
• Able to conduct programmes and activities.

Yup. I'm of the opinion that, it's ok whether i get or don't get the job. I believe strongly that when i submit my will and life to God, He will open and close the right doors. So, yes! Trying not to be too anxious about it. Just do my best and be myself.

I need to recall all the stuff i've done in the past too in case my interviewer asks me some difficult/reflective questions!


lychee said...

Yay! Am happy for you!!

joline said...


thank you, dear sweet fruit. :-)