Thursday, February 21, 2008

I read an article written by a teenager on the topic of thinness (in yesterday's "Mind Your Body" newspaper) and i COMPLETELY SEETHED when i read that her boyfriend told her that "he would like her better if she were more toned." I tell you...

I think guys like that really should just go and...


Well, that's just MY opinion.
Oh yeah, and dump him please. He's too toxic for any girl's self esteem.


Anonymous said...

guys like thin or rather good figure gers. but do u choose a bf based on how muscular he is? i wish society will wake up. we dun need be judged on based on our looks or rather shape. why dun media harp on how many man are not even toned, much less MUSCULAR? why do women on the other hand has to be Pretty AND THIN AND SHAPELY?!! and y issit many women fall into the trap that they themselves judge themselves on how shapely , thin,pretty she is? women are meant for deeper things than tat.and why dun we judge men on how much money he makes? if we judge them based on wat they judge us on, i think many gers will realise their bfs are nt tat fantastic. dump him!next time they say we arent thin enuff, tell him to show us 6 pecs!

cheekysalsera said...

I'm having a good laugh imagining the guy one day dating a girl who can punch the living daylights out of him, but doesn't look too much like she actually can. LOL..

joline said...



Guy: *fearfully lifts his t-shirt*
Girl: *checks* "DON'T HAVE?!?!?!"
Girl: *executes flying kick with well toned legs*
Guy: *flies out the window*


HAHHAHA. Yeah man. That guy risks certain death if continues to be such a jerk.

Anonymous said...

some guys seem to think they deserve pretty slim gers. i think they shud look at themselves, are they rich? or mensa? or some world class athlete? wake up! i think most gers deserve better bfs. only tat sg dun have better guys to choose frm.

joline said...



Poor Sg guys, miss wz really can't stand you all. buah haha.

but seriously, the more cynical we are, the more closed in mindset we can be. and thus, we may really just bring more of the "bad" into our lives without even knowing it!

Anonymous said...

yesh i agree with u. the more fed up the more rubbish i attract. did i tell u sat nite i was so angry with tat army boy. there he is sounding so love struck and noble. i car pui...dun talk to me this way i cant stand him at all.i decided to ban him. from my msn. cant stand pple like him, say i was mean and unfair. i want to say i have a rite to choose my frends hor. pls stop sounding so ....argh...disgustingly besotted.something is very wrong with him.

joline said...


sorry girl, i can't help but laugh... what sweet nothings did he whisper to you ah?

Anonymous said...

he always sound so seriously in love with me. i cant stand him. i want to cry and laugh at the same time lor. i told him many times to give me up cos we are poles apart, but everytime i spoke to him, argh.....i want to really ban him and kill my frend for intro me to him.this guy is very fed up with me cos i dun want to give him my number. oh pls, why wld i do tat? cant stand him on msn, dun want him to msg me

Joline said...


goodness. YES. something's not right with him... he's behaving like a pest. seems like he is really in need of love or something. i guess the only way to deal with this is to be civil and keep rejecting him until he gives up.

Ambrose said...

or... utterly break his heart by lying that you're ALREADY ATTACHED =p
it's just a SMALL WHITE LIE! XP

and... not ALL sg guys are THAT bad... ... i mean, aren't I singaporean?? wahaha!! i can feel my skin hardening XD (aka thick skin!)

i guess you're right in not giving your number in this instance.. think of the $$ u'll waste receiving his spam haha =X

"You are beautiful no matter what they say
Words can't bring you down
You are beautiful in every single way
Yes, words can't bring you down, oh no,
So don't you bring me down today..."
- Beautiful by Christina Aguilera

Don't need to be super slim, super tone, super perfect complexion, to be beautiful. Let your beauty shine through, from the heart. That's what guys should be looking out for, and girls should worry about. Looking physically good is of no use if you don't look good within.
So it is written, so it is said; by my belief, with faith for everyone, so the world may change
and be a better place.

Muahaha -Ambrose