Wednesday, February 06, 2008

I cannot even put in eyedrops for the life of me, so today when i went to the optician, i was freaking and whining a little. Gem prayed for me outside the shop and i braved the entrance into the shop to say that i was there to collect my lenses.

It's enough to say that i gave the optician and her other helper a hard time, but surprisingly, i took 1 1/2 hours, which was way faster than i thought i would've taken. But i had my fair share of frustration, helplessness, fear, pain and just pure annoyance. I managed to place the contacts into both eyes and went home spectacleless. It was an odd, odd feeling. Things were mostly clear but it wasn't 100% clear, and it somehow alternated between clear and blur, depending on how the lenses shifted in my eye. It wasn't a very nice feeling at all. :-( I'm thinking it's because the astigmatism in my left eye is mighty high.

When i came home, Gem stood by me while i tried to get used to removing the lenses and placing them in again. This time, i really flew into a frustrated tantrum. Which was... = Sulking, whining, slamming things, getting really edgy, impatient, declaring "I HATE IT, WHY DO I EVEN BOTHER!". Gosh. You know, only people i consider family would see this side of me. It was really ugly, i tell you. I really gave Gem "hell"! But him being the super boyfriend, he was nothing but loving, patient and kind. Amazing, seriously. I was getting flustered also because my eyes were tired from all the abuse and the eyeballs were turning red and became itchy at one point.

I managed to remove both sides after coming home, but failed to put them in again. Strangely, when Gem left for home, i managed to put in and remove the lenses twice for my right eye, and once for my left eye. Which was a mighty fine sudden improvement. What really helped was that i decided to mechanically follow the optician's instructions step by step, moving my hands robotically, and in my head i was chanting: "Putting contact lenses isn't painful, it's normal, and simple, slowly... just keep still, relax, and put it in." Somehow, putting things into the perspective that putting on contacts is a common everyday occurence seemed to do the trick of tricking my mind into thinking that putting contacts in was the most normal thing in the world for me.

Hopefully, i will be able to remember what and how to do it all over again. It was really a nightmare getting just one lens into one eye! Gotta sleep soon, to give my tired eyes some rest.
Thank you Gem, you're amazing.

I think i look... like the same old me just without my glasses. It's not like you can see that i'm wearing my contacts! Heehee.


Issy said...

you look like your same pretty self :D I think you look pweety both wif or without ;) there's a difference but both are goooood! hee hee..

and erm..regarding the part u said,"You know, only people i consider family would see this side of me." LOL does that mean if i want to be considered your family i should do something bad to you so that i can see that side of you??? hahahahaha...joking joking...being lame...

anyway hope u're enjoying your time in Malaysia even without your sister ;) tell me all the stories when u get back k?? ;)

floopy_haired said...

haven't seen u in contacts b4...
but heh, u noe me, i think girls w specs look prettier -,-'"
that aside, if u got contacts juz for looks... ... i've nothing to say. if it's for practical reasons (like for me, sports), then way to go girl!
but since it's all done, congrats :) it's easier w practise, but i still have problems popping them in. it's easier to take them out imo ^^ juz pinch n get it over with. it's worse when u've got one lense in and u can't pop the other in coz IT WON'T STICK TO YOUR EYEBALL. grr. i hate that.
opps din mean to scare u. urm, 204 sounds expensive. i hope they're like 6mth worth of dailies or smth. i hope u got dailies... :)
i recommend queensway! queensway sells everything cheap! ... almost everything -,-'"
ai... blabber babble blab. ciao ^_^

joline said...


*beam* thanks issy... :-) but seriously. you can now see ALL my ugly wrinkles and the two huge grey eyebags. contacts... will prolly be only for times when there's an important occasion or if i just feel like being vain. hurhur.

about seeing the ugly side of me. i think i can show that side of me, ONLY when i know tt the person who is at the brunt of it would will love me despite EVERY nasty thing i do... someone who would not hold it against me personally, would not talk bad about me behind my back or bear a grudge. it would take someone who loves me unconditionally i guess. for now, friends who've been at the brunt of that are... nil? i guess it's because i don't spend enough time with any one friend till that person has seen every side of me. if so, that person wld be a "best friend", of which is a concept i am still sceptical about. so, if a friend did something bad to me now, tt person still wld not see the full fledge sledgehammer of my emotions. hurhurhur.

i'm still in malaysia now, and man... i really want to come home soon. i'm hoping i'll be back tmr (tues) but somehow, i doubt it.

joline said...

floopy haired:

AHHA, thank you for loving bespectacled girls! we need more guys like you. hurhurhur.

wearing contacts for sports was an option, but i think i'll need to get used to them a bit more before i attempt to wear em out for a sweat. my vision's still blur and i am afraid tt my rubbing and sweat swiping might cause infections.
and in any case, i think most girls, including myself, would still purchase contacts for looks too!!! Besides, there's an upcoming wedding (*wink wink!*) and i dont wanna be in a dress with my same old plastic glasses! wear make up also cannot see sia.

yea, i totally hear you man. what sucks is also when the contacts are ALREADY in contact with your eyeball but it cannot stick because it is also mangled and stuck on your finger.

i wanted to get dailies, seeing as how maintenance would be nil (for lazy pple like me) but my astig was too high, so i got bi-weekly ones instead. hm... the 204buckeroos deal (for 3 boxes versus 5 boxes) was said to be better cos i am a noob and may not like contacts in the end and buying too many would be a waste. Queensway? Really? COOL! How much do u get yours for?

Ambrose said...

i didn't get mine from queensway, juz heard they were cheaper there =) the ones i'm using now r monthly, n i got them... ... 2yrs ago?? -,-'"
i rarely use contacts, so mine lasts me a longtime. got about a year's worth for 180 i think =) but that's before 7% GST n the recent inflation came about.. heck my hair was still floppy then! =p
running out of mine soon, n since i wear them everytime i play soccer (been playing lots recently for church =p), i'm planning to drop by queensway one day to grab some =) if u're free (n back in sg XP), come along! :)

joline said...


hahhaa, ok. yeah, u don't wear contacts often, i agree. i remember u telling me like, during JC prom tt your vision was blur when u attempted to wear lenses tt night. and yes, i am backkkk in sg! shucks man, i don't think i can buy some so soon. a couple of boxes would wipe out my ang pao moolah!

Anonymous said...

hey my sis and i are gg to buy specs at queensway too!!hahaha....i like contacts cos at last, i can wear mascara mah. if not the mascara will leave a mark on my specs u see....but. i m too lazy to wear it everyday. my astig i bought disposable ones leh, not clear bt still can see. oh my, whose wedding issit huh?happy valentine's day everyone!

joline said...


yes! i agree about the mascara. just just now, i was experimenting with make-up with contacts on. oh my goodness. big difference. hurhurhur. me is vain, and proud of it! :-DDDD
me too, my vision isn't clear but can see.
oh, the wedding is our mutual friend lor, the 1SC5 one...
HAppy V DAy to you too! :-D

Anonymous said...

aiyo nv invite me agn lor. walau. nvm la, i tell u u must wear eyeliner, mascara, eye shadow all of it. ur eyes will look so so nice!!yesh u shud.i think we shud put some make up now and then. makes a world of difference when u step out of the house, knowing u look pretty, or prettier than does sth to me heart when i put on some make up and i like wat i see in the mirror.

Anonymous said...

oh my. i was abt to say pls invite me to ur wedding hor!wahahaha....i think i will not invite u to mine. cos i m so old tat u will be puzzled y i still bother to get married.wahaha, ok lah. theres a season for everyting under the sun. heck i embrace singlehood. i m a singlepore gal la, u see

joline said...


i agree with you, some make-up does make me feel a little more presentable and pretty! (now... i need to LEARN how to apply it PROPERLY. hurhurhur.)

no lah, our friend has not sent out invitations yet. it's only at the end of the year. even then, i don't know how she intends to do things.

HEY! i want to be invited to your wedding... old or not! and it's good to embrace singlehood ok. you are free, independent and not bogged down by any possible unhealthy relationship.

Anonymous said...

wohoo! i bet i m marrying at 40 yrs old to an even older ah pek!wahaha, tats such a funny thing isnt it? tats my retribution for turning down young boys now.wahahaha....oh well, my mum dun seem very happy abt my embrace to singlehood. (remember my sms?)sometimes i feel wasted, wats the point of dolling up when noone appreciates it? it is only to make myself happy. and i m not too happy to knw beauty will fade very soon and tat guys wont like me very soon. they will like pretty AND YOUNG gers huh?arghhhhh

joline said...


hey, but looks doesn't only encompass the face. u can DRESS to KILL TOO! ok, not revealingly, but you know what i mean. dress with good taste in clothes. besides, who can also resist a, although more mature in age woman, if she is smart, eloquent and self assured/confident (comes with age)? you'd be surprised. maybe men like that are worth it.