Wednesday, February 27, 2008

To run?

Shall I sign up for it? At least it gives me something to train for and look forward to... For now, i'm running/walking distances of 4 to 5 km whenever i exercise and am doing it at an easy pace. Though i can handle it physically, i'm practically dragging my feet along. Though keeping fit is part of my lifestyle, i need something to perk me up mentally!

Here's the deal:

Saucony 100plus PAssion Run 2008

Event Info

Date: 8 June 2008, Sunday
Venue: East Coast Park, E2 (Angsana Green)
Time: 0630hrs – 1200hrs
(Each category will flag-off at different time. You are required to look at the Race Category Table you have registered)

Race Categories:-

Men's and Women's Open - 15km,
Men's and Women’s Open - 10km (think of doing this one),
Men's and Women’s Veteran - 10km,
Men's and Women’s Junior - 10km.

Fun Run (5km)

Each participant of the Saucony 100PLUS PAssion Run will receive:

1. Runner's Tag
2. Champion Chip for the latest and most accurate timing (ONLY for Competitive runners and need to return after the run)
3. PA PAssion Card (ONLY for Non PA PAssion Holder)
4. Two unique gifts,
5. One Lucky Draw ticket.
6. A Saucony 100PLUS Passion Run Finisher Medal
7. A Saucony 100PLUS Passion Run Personalised Finisher Magazine with their photo and timing printed (For Competitive Category Only).
8. An exclusive Event's tee worth $26.90 for all Competitive and Non-Competitive runners

If anyone wants to run with me, say so k?


Anonymous said...

today i forgot to bring wallet,starved from lunch 1230pm until dinner. i m bringing things to put inside clinic just in case i forgot to bring wallet agn. bro in law was very nice, he brought me money but my lunch is over. and me being me, didnt play cheat and went to eat. i str away attacked cavities. then i went OT somemore, 7pm then reached mrt.then now then ate dinner. haiz. i seriously need a cute guy to rescue me in times like this.hahahaha. lame lor

Joline said...


hahaha, it's one of those days that are completely off from the normal. but u got through it! no need cute guy! muah haha.

Anonymous said...

i learnt my lesson, now i put money in my small bag tat has my clinic keys. and tat i put cereal in my clinic so tat i have sth to eat. ytd ate cereal, but not full leh. when off work, i was so so so famished. went hm anyway. my japn class is starting real soon. gambatte....this coming week, i will shutter bewteen hpb and canberra. thu and fri then back at my own clinic.u see la, we are nt earing big bucks still have to becum wat sg quality class thingy. have to answer questions from them somemore. i pray hard they dun ask me, if they ask me, i gonna gibberish....wahahaha

joline said...


hm... sounds like a busy week, and that questioning thingy sounds a little challenging. oh well, a new experience for you!