Friday, February 22, 2008

"icannotstoplaughingandsquealing" videos

These are two videos that got me laughing and laughing, OR, squealing and squealing!

"Baby Beagle learning to howl"
To squeal, press play:

"Hedgehog crunching on something and makes the most hilarious of expressions!"
To laugh, press play and observe:


Anonymous said...

next is D&D at mandarin hotel in march, tats like two weeks ago. arghhhh the theme is retro leh, i thinking of wearing my sis's clothes leh. dunno le, retro leh. maybe i get a geometric print. some big bangles and a hair band and my new permed hair!!wahahaha, looking forward to it leh

joline said...


that outfit sounds pretty good to me already! hoo yeah, go for it!