Friday, January 04, 2008

Ok, hi folks... A HAPPY NOO YAH TO YOOOO! How've you been?

Right... i've been MIA-ing again. Been awfully busy with a four day long "camp" in my home! I had so much fun, can? Ah, well, i've got another camp, a real one this time. I'll be gone from friday to sunday for my band advance (worship team camp).

Ha, if there's one thing i've learnt from a mission trip (other than experiencing God and learning life lessons), it's packing light and packing smart. i don't remember never being this efficient with my packing! Awesome... Anyways, i think that national service really equips guys (the guys i tripped with) with useful knowledge about surviving outside and without the comforts of home.

Got to go! Shucks. I wonder how i can squeeze in some time for shopping this week. Hmmm...

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