Tuesday, December 25, 2007

HEY FOLKS! I'm back from EAST TIMOR! Scores of photos and i have a testimony!

I'll be back to share more when i have the strength to blog. Ha. For now, i'm pretty zonked out from the travelling.

But i just wanted to make known my appreciation to those of you who kept me and my team in prayer, those who came to see me off at the airport, those who welcomed me home through all means, and those er........ who recently gave me christmas (and birthday) presents! HAH!

*yawn* Ok, my body needs rest. Especially after it tried to wake up at 6am this morning... (in Timor, we had to wake up around that time everyday)

Good night everyone and stay tuned!

A Blessed Christmas to you, and may Father God speak softly and gently into your heart this season.

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Anonymous said...

oh!! i m so dying to read abt ur timor trip.sounds so exciting. today my head of sch service said the worst country is turkey. they are so poor they have no access to dental care. one man apparently spent 100k or sth to make a mobile bus tat goes ard to treat cavities. some are so jalat tat they do mostly extractions(meaning the tooth cant saved by doing fillings liao). i was so wowed by kind hearted pple doing volunteer work! kudos to them and U!!really salute u guys!!