Tuesday, January 15, 2008

random pic(k)s

What you see here, was a dinner i concocted all by myself k? Stir fried dow miao with garlic, oven baked chilli sting ray and chincalok with lime juice.
Talented, not?

Super old school right? My granny's mailbox that's attached to her gate. It's been slightly improved with a plastic sheet to stop rain from soaking the mail.

I saw this at Taka and i HAD to take a picture of it if i could not buy it. My love affair with horses all began when little kid joline hankered after every single thing that had my little ponies on it. Well, i am still kinda taken in by them. :-)

The night Gem dyed my hair for me. He put SO much effort into doing it that it took like hours and i, OOPS, became restless and sleepy and irritable. Look at his gloved hand and the bottle of dye, and check out that expression. Hilarious. HA.

Jun, Denise, Issy and i had a great girly night out at the atas Dempsey Hill. We were dressed in... OUR PJs. Can you believe it. Jun and i felt like everyone was staring at the both of us since we were the 'best dressed'. She was in her secondary school alma-mata tee and shorts, while i was wearing a (Chronicles of) Narnia tee with my checkered home shorts that NEVER steps out of the house for more than a few minutes! Oh. Good. Grief. The embarrassment.
Well, we had a good time (atas than atas lor.... we is got money to pay for our ice cream at the Ben and Jerry's can?) and that's all that matters.

That's us in the female toilet being trigger happy. Aiyo. Had to pluck up some courage (from where in the toilet, i do not know) before stepping out again to face the atas world in our PJs.

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