Monday, January 21, 2008

Guys are ________________________

I shall choose not to fill it up. Those of you who know me well enough will know what i'd say.


Anyway. I heard some good news! SIM is converting that nice but semi-effectively-useless student lounge into a GYM. (not that i'll be SIM to use it though...) Yes, a GYM! I am SO BRILLIANT. HA! A few years ago, i said outloud to a friend in a crowded SIM lift: "You know, we should have ATMs and a gym in school." And well. Guess what.

Now we've got POSB and OCBC ATMs, AND now this is coming to past. HA! Maybe someone heard my plea.


Asking for help and enquiring about administrative issues through the UniSIM, NUS and NIE helplines have been a bit trying today. And from talking to these people, i have concluded that the UniSIM admin people are the overall best service providers. At least from this population sample. (Actually, i've almost always had consistent good phone service from the UniSIM folks.)
The person from NUS was, i *think*, eating when i called and had somewhat delayed responses, and the NIE person did not know much and had to ask for a lot of assistace from other people in the background. I should've just spoken to someone else. When the phone call ended, she sounded like she had been put through a meat grinder and had no energy left to even say a proper "goodbye, thank you for your enquiry" or "thank you". Must be a newbie/had a bad day/PMS/etc...

I must admit i was irritated by some of their incompetence, but i told myself that I was once in their shoes and no one wants to receive a call from a nasty, easily upset or impatient caller that would spoil their entire day or working experience. So i kept my tone controlled and as light as possible... Must learn to be gracious! Even when someone wrongs you... Be gracious. It's hard lah, but when someone is genuinely gracious, s/he is absolutely beautiful, at least in my sight!


Assessing the courses from NIE, NUS, RMIT, Monash, Curtin, Murdoch, UniSouthAustralia, Swineburne and UQueensland. Busy.

Getting relevant paper work done. Busy, busy.

Having to ask academics and employer for a report on me. Paiseh to the max. Busy busy busy.


Anonymous said...

i m forever busy in my new clinic. hey hey but i like leh, i have a new found drive for my work, maybe i will not quit.hahaha. c lor, now good cos no audit ,still seeing gd pts. nv see those super jarlat, all decay teeth de.tmr i m giving assembly talk for p1,2.walew so scary lor....but somehow i will manage. maybe u shud read men are from mars and women are from venus. it is an interesting book, but well, i have no idea how credible it is. a fun read!

Ambrose said...

=D hurray! new clinic =)
hope the talk went well ^_^

joline said...

anon and ambrose:

i agree with ambrose! YEAY! new clinic! happy for you that things are looking up.