Friday, October 05, 2007

Whenever i take a break from essaying or work, i go over to Youtube and do a search on jazz or blues keyboard... And man, would i be utterly inspired! I learnt to play classical music in primary school and stopped in primary 6 at grade 1. Since i didn't call my old piano teacher back (who is now coincidentally in the same church as me! i only found out this year.), i pretty much became a recreational pianist who loved new age music. I then took up chord music lessons at believermusic and have stuck with chords every since because it's sooooo easy. And besides, playing with chords is found in pop music too. Which is a little more enjoyable and less torturous than classical piano. :-P

But i've grown a little tired of my same old emo chord progressions and "churchy" chords that i feel like it's time to pursue different sounds and techniques. Yeah, so YEEHAH!

I just wish that my piano would magically tune itself back to concert pitch, or that i could go right out and get a digital piano. The tuner guy who came to my place the other time was horrified at how flat my piano is. So flat that he didn't dare to tune it back completely for fear of destroying the strings inside. Too much tension = *PIAK*

Listening to classical music on youtube has made me realize that i enjoy it a lot more by watching the people who make the music a reality. Whether it's piano music or orchestral.

Oh and GUESS WHAT? I discovered.... a VEGETABLE ORCHESTRA! The first one is kind of like an introduction to how and what they do... They look like they're really having a carrot/cabbage/pumpkin/tomato of a time! Take a look see:

Cool BEANS, huh?


Anonymous said...

my 2 sisters said i m very boliao to study for a degree, my older sis said want to study until how old. my younger sis looks down on my cousin who is a poly grad studying in her uni. she was like so old, still study in uni? i disagree, it is my dream to do a degree although i have no much confidence after my disastrous alevels.i m feeling rather disheartened now. haiz, must find a therapist to deal with my /4 life crisis.sorry abt blabbering no stop on your blog, maybe i shud blog abt it

Dominic said...

hey jo...

so u're going into the Blues too huh? i'm sure that didn't come out of the blue...hehe...

am thinking about our future jamming sessions...maybe we could do a bit of blues, a bit of pop songs, and maybe try some songwriting...sounds cool?


dominic :)

joline said...


there is nothing to look down upon, on people who want a degree no matter how old they are. how about those uncle and aunties who want to keep their minds active and to upgrade themselves... Aren't they commendable?

As for your older sister's comment, could it be that she's just wondering when you'll find a job you'll be satisfied with to build your career upon, since we can't be stuck as students forever. Maybe what she's more concerned about is when you will move on into the working phase of life properly without looking back.

If you want to achieve something, you'll need to decide to choose to overcome some issues right? Or else... everything will just remain a dream and it'll be a vicious cycle. You think you can't, so you don't attempt, and in the end, you feel more disheartened. Or, if you try but keep believing that you can't do it and if you fail, it's like a self fulfilling prophecy to begin with. Think like a winner! It changes your attitude and heart towards life!

Oh, and... Blabber all you want! :-D


Yeah lor. It did not come out from the blue. I listen to Guan Wen, and i want to jam with him so badly but my jazz and blues skills cannot make it so i can only sit and listen and tinkle a few random and useless notes. HAHA. I kinda also felt that transitioning to blues is a natural progression.

Somehoe blues and jazz chords strike some deep chords (heh) in me, so i really want to learn how to create the same sounds.

AND YES... JAMMING SESSION!!! I want to play something other than church music. I'm all for it bro! JAZZ, SONG WRITING, POP. HOO YEAH! But we need to work on musicianship. Learning what to play, when to give space, when to chiong and not to chiong.

Anonymous said...

tats wat my frend is doing, she is forever thinkin of doing medicine in uni but so not sure if she can manage. tats the /4 life crisis me and her have. well, as for the degree in translation, it can wait. it is full time so i cant study it now. and i agree with u tat old pple can study, only that my younger sis found it disgusting to see them in her uni. i dun quite agree with her in many issues(i m sure u know which sensitive issues it is). i cant interfere with her thinking since she is already old enuff and she wont heed my advice anyway. she finds me naggy. oh well
, i guess it is her life. it is also my life, and only i call the shoots

Dominic said...

oh yeah...nothing wrong playing what we usually play during the previous jamming sessions, but if we wanna learn new stuff n progress, we gotta try and experiment with new stuff....

currently i'm wondering if it's possible to work around the constraints on just having 2 acoutic guitars n 1 piano...hmm...coz i look forward to the day when we can start recording our cell-composed rite?!!

sometimes, it's just a matter of how big we dare to dream...:)


joline said...


take your time to think... while you will have your job k. when the times comes, may you face up to this crisis and blast it a big fat bazooka!


woah, i didn't think i'd ever song write or RECORD something... but OH KAY. Willing to try!

we need a bassist, tt's for sure. shall we train someone up to be a bassist... hmm.....