Monday, October 08, 2007

Love me, for me. For who i am now. Love me for the real me.

Don't love an idea of me. Don't fool yourself into thinking you love me. An idea is all it is. An idea. And if you love an idea that does not come to pass, then you would've wasted your whole life on someone you did not love.

Don't claim to love me for who i am if you've brainwashed yourself. Stop telling yourself your lies so many times that it has become your 'truth'. Because one day, the truth will emerge, and when the repercussions of that arise, you'll wish you had never lived.


Anonymous said...

is this post a picture of ur inner world now? or r u like me, writing posts tat is copied frm books, songs that is meaningful. haiz, by the way, today i m on mc. i very scared tat the lump at my jaw is not just salivary gland infectn(yes there is such a thing)cos the doc is not sure, he is going to refer me to ttsh if antibiotics dun bring the swelling down. now wat if it is a growth? excision means my face is completely ruined. i dun want a long ugly scar on my face! lets hope the a/b do the trick.haiz....feeling rather sad now...pls let it be simply salivary glabd infectn

joline said...


hi girl, do keep me updated on your condition, k? importantly, don't stress yourself out or worry excessively... stress lowers your immunity.

and yeah. this post is a reflection of my inner world and is not from a book or song.

. ivan . said...

jo2ivan: RE: 08/10/07 post. Issues to be aware of when considering a relationship. *wry smile*


point taken =ppp

hehe.. i'm fully aware of what i'm doing and i won't be like people who don't cherish their gf. (like couples on the streets scolding each other cos of small mistakes) - u should read my mission statement! this is mentioned in it!!! haha.

okay uhh abit too frank.. hope i dun hurt ppl.. haha U KNOW BEST LA. WE ARE THE FRANK BUDDIES. versus coolbeans gangstas.

frank buddies VS coolbeans gangstas.

joline said...


HAHAHHA, what talking la you...

But yeah, being frank bodes well with me. AND YES, you better treat your future partner well or i will put a bounty on your head.

. ivan . said...


HAHAHAHA i wonder how much the bounty would be!! but that would never happen cos' i'll treat her well.

ok la. perception of people over other people is based on whatever happened in the past.. where people say one thing but in the end something else happened. but for my case... i'm going to stick to my principles and promise. so yeah. it's not going to be easy but it's do-able. don't forget, i'm not a normal person ((: