Sunday, October 14, 2007

I totally bruised my stomach tonight, having had a Hog's Breath dinner with my lovely coconuts. Ok, i don't know why i called them my coconuts, but, isn't coconut a cute word? Co-Co-NUH-T! Ok, i mean, my NTU cell darlings. Pictures coming up later... It's about 1:35am now and i should be hitting the sack soon cos i'm going to run my second ever 10km (in my life) since last december's standard chartered run.


Also, i just wanted to say Praise God, because despite such a heavy dinner, although i did get a little bloated from the food considering it was quite a bit, i didn't get the ultra uncomfortable, backache inducing kind of bloatedness that i get from having mild IBS. SO... TATA IBS, SO LONG, FARE WELL, I WANT MY BODY TO CONTINUE REJECTING IBS! THANK GOD!

NB: IBS = irritable bowel syndrome


. ivan . said...

irritable bowel syndrome - there's such a thing? what does it do? sorry but the post wasn't clear on what it does.. haha. uhh bloatedness huh?

how was the 10km? sure was easy for u. ahh.. i need to increase my mileage!

okay. please change the name to my link thanks ;)

joline said...


If you want to read more about IBS, check out this link here:

i did not get to run 10km after all cos i took too long to check out some sports equipment. running at MacRitchie got too dark to run the 10km trail, oh wells.

yeah, i'll change it, don't worry!

Anonymous said...

i postphone seeing a doc cos i have a high tea to go on sunday. but it is off now. so i have no reason not to go. well, kinda scary leh

joline said...


hm, would asking one of your sisters to accompany you help? good to have some support as you go see the doc.
how is the condition of the lump?

Anonymous said...

i m still completating if i shud just leave it alone or check it up wat it is. seems to have many things to do.i haven see my hep b pt for so long. poor boy! since april until now, i think i m gg to take the hep test. see if immune to hep b ...and yesh. will go to check up the lump.yup decided...better to be safe than sorry ya?

joline said...


Yes, i totally agree! do keep me updated, k gal.