Monday, October 01, 2007

this confirms (everyone's suspicions and my own) that i am weird

i was perusing through 2 beautiful wedding websites of two couples i know personally from church.

instead of feeling the fuzzy longing of wanting to be get married too like most girls...

i suddenly feel like i don't want to get married.


cheekysalsera said...

Sorry to bust your bubble darling, but you're not the only weird one around here. I'm pretty sure I'm the other. Hah!

To be frank, I don't think marriage is actually the problem. It's the wedding. Do you get what I mean?

joline said...


i sure hope so, cos that would be easily rectified. but a part of me is unsure, and for good reason. thanks for the honest conversation earlier!

Anonymous said...

so do i feel the same, it is not the wedding itself for me. It is just that i dun believe two pple who knew each other for like 3-4 yrs(the time u dated each other), to live together happily ever after, this notion just sorta make me feel unrealistic, ok u can argue that happily ever after is rosy picture. but to get along and LIVE with someone u know for so short a time, dun make sense to me...i mean even family members get on ur nerves, wat to say ur mr right? i dun quite into the idea of marriage now.i rather live with my parents than risk it on a gamble called is really a big gamble and the stakea are too big for me to lose.i rather dun risk it

Ambrose said...

sheesh.. and i thought i'm the one with commitment phobia heh..
so many people who fear the unknown, apprehensive of change, unconfident of making decisions..
nothing wrong with hating the hassle of a wedding, or fearing the importance and significance of it; but to not risk it?
nay.. i'm a gambler, a risk-taker. if there's a chance, and i think it's worth it, heck i'll grab it! mayb that's where statistics come in huh? =p
in all honesty, life is based on decision-making and risk management. if you don't take risk, you're not living life. heh. :)
happy happy! i love shark's fin soup =,='"

Anonymous said...

the thing is must make calculated risk, one that u are sure of winning or 'breaking even' more than losing. Hell, losing in this gamble called marriage is a big deal lor

joline said...

to each his own... but i guess man and women were made for a reason lah. :-)