Friday, October 19, 2007

this is for you Vicki! :-D

This would be my pig of a dog, sprawling himself on my mom's tummy, looking hungrily at her piece of watermelon. Yup, Jed LOVES fruits and veges. I think the way his face and body looks here closely resembles the proportions of how he was like as a pup. Ah, those days... When he was MURDEROUSLY cute.

"Mommy. I want that piece of watermelon! Pretty please?"

Ok, this would be the first time i'm making use of Blogger's post-up-a-video function. I had to wait AGES for it to load. You'll see a vicious Jed in action, a flash of my sister, and hear my voice in the background muttering something to Jed and sister. Also, at the end, you'll see Jed's ultra cute muzzle-on/against-paw look.

(oh, uh, i said "simi taichi, man", if you couldn't catch that poor attempt at hokkien for "what's the problem?")


Anonymous said...

ur dog's legs are so thin!! cos she is a veggy kind of dog. wow! cool!i thot dogs dun eat veggies lor

joline said...


haha, yeah, some people say that his legs are long and thin. but actually, he is at his ideal weight. actually, in addition to fruits and vegs, he eats almost EVERYTHING. Except for papaya, some types of banana, parsley (who loves parsley anyway?!) and some other pungent stuff like maybe garlic and chilli padi.

he loves his meat, rice, and everything else. when he was a pup, he was adventurous with everything he saw. Earring also eat, and he pooped it out.

Vicki said...

argh Jed is cute, like Bambi. my dumb sausage got threatened when he heard the video playing and sauntered into my room and plopped himself beside the table.

Fruits? Hey Rusty loves them too hehe. We fed him the avocado with the skin after we were done stuffing the sushi with the avocado haha and he walloped the skin clean. Man this dumb doggie eats more fruits than i do. Perhaps he'll outlive me

Anonymous said...

but i thot dogs cant eat human food? i thot is bad for their health or sth?but i do know someone who feeds his dog human food all the time, and it lived to a ripe old age. well i suppose each dog is different

joline said...


HHAHahahha, Bambi.... farni lah.
how come poor Rusty kena called dumb? >.o


haha, yeah, there is a mixture of opinions on this. I am strictly for dogs not to indulge in human food cos u never know what may hurt them. (though i tend to think that fruits and veg is pretty all right. however, i read that grapes are harmful!!)