Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Blogger Beta sounds to delectable, doesn't it. Uhm... Oh, and talking about delectable? I wanted to ask you guys about this:

Ok, do forgive that 2/3 eaten one. Have a look at the one on the right. An initiative family member did the honour of slicing it up nicely, so try to imagine it without the horizontal lines.

Mom came home one day and she proclaimed: "My patient gave me piglets! I had 4 boxes, and you all don't eat one right... So i gave away 2 boxes."

I was like: Excuse me? PIGLETS?

So i stripped off the two rubber bands that held the box shut, and flipped open the cardboard cover to find these weird hamster like looking objects (from a plan view).

"Piglets?" I asked mom, in a tone that suggested that she must be very mistaken about the piglet part.
"They don't look like piglets meh?" she replies.

The only feature that this thing has that resembles a piglet in any way is that it has two holes punched into it on one end. Perhaps they were suppose to be the eyes or the piggy snout or something.

But all that suspicion disappeared in a flash when i took a piece of "piglet". It was HEAVEN. Er, i mean, it was a mooncake but the pastry was sooooo soft, crumbly and tasty, and the filling was an excellent flavourful accompaniment. The paste isn't as smooth as some other kinds of mooncake fillings, but the overall experience more than compensates.

I know that i'm as suaku as suaku (suaku: like a mountain tortoise) gets, so i was wondering if these were actually very normal, traditional types of mooncake festival delicacies. I do remember having heard some people say that their mooncake festivals are never complete without the "piglets". Is this what they were referring to?

It was so good that i had to find out where they were brought from, but to my dismay... They were all the way from Malaysia. Sadness. :-(

But *slurp!* Enjoy it while it lasts!


hippiho said...

Wat a small world...a colleague bought a box and i fell in love with them after the first bite. Am thinking of buying them in Msia. They are produced by a small bakery in Kluang. Dun think thay can be found anywhere in sg though...

joline said...


Seriously? Neat! They're just so delicious right... Chunky and flavourful! Haha, bet it wasn't quite enough to go around. Really ah, cannot find in Sg at all? :-( They're so good, i wonder if they'll be a success if they started a branch in Sg. Mmmm, yum. Yup! Yuen Fatt Biskut, from Kluang, Johor. Heh, hope you can find a way to get them, as fuss free as possible. :-)

Pope @ David said...

oh, that pastry's shape resembles Jed in his seal-pose.. heh heh @.@

joline said...

pope @ david:

Heh. They're both sleek, smooth with a snouth on one end and oh soooo wonderful... In different ways. Tra lala. :-)

By the way, can you appreciate salted eggs and salted egg yolks?

lakeside girl said...

I definitely don't mind going to M'sia to get these 'piglet' (look more like atomic bombs to me) mooncakes if they are as tasty as you said!

SG mooncakes sucks. :(

joline said...

lakeside girl:

issit... SG mooncakes suck? Oh boy... cos i've remembered some to be really good. Skarly my taste standards not very high so maybe the piglets might not be as nice as i paint them out to be. Hmmm...

What is it about Sg mooncakes that you don't like?