Friday, September 22, 2006

Two of my fingers looks like they've been zombified, i.e, turned purple and looks dead. Hur, hur. I love playing the guitar but i need to learn more chords and keep working on my chord changing fingers. Too slow leh, like an ah um and i fumble ever so often. And then hor, my strumming arm sometimes spasms or rigour motis-fies so i end up playing some rather uneven sounding rhythm. HeeheeHo.


chelsea5manutd0 said...

don't worry. it's part of parcel of practicing. u're also strengthening your fingers and person. guitar is an instrument so easy to learn but v difficult to master. and as i said, u've improved lots lots liao.

joline said...


*bows* Thanks my friend. :-) Most encouraging!
Having a coupla battle scars to show for the journey's effort is kinda nice actually. :-P

ISSYIZZY said...

eehee better than me...i noe no chords so i simply place my fingers on a few strings tht wld produce a nice sound n then i strum one beat..n tht's abt. it..

joline said...


Honestly, that's where i started off too dearie... i guess things improved slightly when we don't care how silly we sound and keep persisting. I believe that when you want it enough, you will be able to play too! ;-p

jem said...

you just need to learn the tricks and shortcuts. =) You'll realise that after learning some scales, some fingers in particular never seem to move alot... Of course, as chelsea said, it's easy to learn, but tough to master. In most cases, playing enough is more than enough=D

One more thing, patience! You'll need butt loads of it if you're thinking of becoming good at it. Not like me... Got too sian, so I jump ship and play bass instead! muahah~

joline said...


Yes... i cannot stress the usefulness of shortcuts! (especially for default slowpoke fingers like mine) I must go and lobang lobang myself with an experienced guitarist to get some tips, i think i learn better that way.

Patience, yes. Especially when a plateau has been reached on the learning curve. You play bass! Woohoo! Rare! Did you invest in getting your own instrument? Mmm... My youth ministry needs bass guitarists... :-P

jem said...

Lol~ I have a drumset, 1 E. guit, 3 basses and 1 acoustic... However, I only touch one of the basses. the Drumset's at my friend's place turning into some funny colour and 1 bass with one of my sound boys... btw, my main instrument, is the mixer... =P I have 1 of that too!

joline said...


Whhaaat, and there's only one of you to play all of those lor. O.O

You sound like a serious musician, technical stuff and all to boot. Very interesting... So what kind of music/style do you play? Oh, and so what exactly do you do with your mixer?

DRUM SET! Raawwwrrr, i wanted to learn that too until i had to face the fact that my arms and legs cannot work independently as well as i had hoped.