Wednesday, September 27, 2006

i'm not posting anything new yet (apart from this informational one) because i'm waiting for a particular photo to be taken, and to be published for the specific date: 24th of september.

and boy! do i have a ton of photos i want to share with you. :-)


I've been feeling really prickly, really easily irritated, restless, snappy, short tempered. Whiny, annoyed, unfriendly, anti-social, mean. In essence, a very very mean pufferfish, but nowhere near as cute as the real fish.

Time to sit still for a while, to calm myself down, and focus my eyes and heart upon God. It's definitely not a good time for me to talk extensively to anyone unless i deliberately want to lose friends.


jem said...

mmm... Intense! Girl, you won't lose friends that easily. People feel down once in a while, but that's why we've got friends (real ones) to listen to us bitch all night long (sometimes in the morning).

The worst they can do to you is tell you to shut up... =D

Although, the ultimate question lies in, "why are you feeling this way?"
Continue to focus on God and find in Him the "Fruits of the Spirit (Gal 5:22-23)".

PS: Don't ask me to recite them, I can't remember all of them... =p
you can delete this thread if you are annoyed by it... =\

Stay cool, God bless!

joline said...


No, i'd never delete a comment because i value all replies from readers... And the only thing i'd do if i don't agree with something someone said is to strike up a debate.

Actually, i appreciate this reminder of yours because i believe that we should always encourage one another with God's word even if it might sound high and mighty or cliche or just fuddy duddy. The truth is, God's word IS the truth. So no matter how much one might want to reject it, a timely word's essence of truth will convict the heart and resonate. So, by all means, i am thankful to you for that. :-)

Jem said...

haha~ alright...

kimBarLeY said...

no, you're a nutcracker, not a nut...haha.

joline said...


Ah hah, i see your photo! If i may say so, you look really young. :oX


HAHAHA, good one... i guess it takes a nut to know a nut to crack a nut hor. Hee.

Jem said...

lol~ that's my pic from 2-3 years back =p

joline said...


O.O oh....... hee, why don't you want to update it?