Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Ok, i've grown bored of the lack of posts. Heh heh. So...

So much has occurred over the last week or so, but i've been busy with school work, work related stuff and cell group activities. I also had a really nice surprise that made me go all excitable and screamy and nuts on saturday (Like, hello diTz! the round about relations, who-knows-who is so cool).
Many cumulated thoughts have clogged up my brain but i'm too lazy to sort them out and i'm also in sweet denial about how much time i have left to complete my last essay for the social psych module. (it's not the end yet, i still have stuff to complete for biological psych.)

Two things:

Thanks be to GOD for another nice grade for the latest social psych essay! Remember the one i said that i was: "dealing with macro sociological perspectives (i major in psychology, the last time i checked) which the textbook doesn't exactly explicitly cover and this time i had to complete it in ONE WEEK (i usually take 2 whole weeks to finish an essay) and i had to read the whole textbook and more, to do that one essay."
I aced it, and better still, i aced it better than the first essay which i spent two weeks on. Whao. I couldn't have done it without God.

And, a happy 3rd birthday to my blog. MUAH HAHAHA~! As i've always said: To more years of collecting more trash, my lovely Vacuum! I lub you.

Ok, i SO need to do a gabillion things. I'll catch you later, meanwhile, take good care. :-)


Three weddings. Three. Two of the weddings involve peers (girl friends) and the other is an ex-classmate who's older than me but also in her 20s and her husband's my classmate.

As much as they are happy occasions where i go all awww-ish and all, i'm also filled with a concoction of rather odd emotions...
Life is moving fast. Too fast. For me, or for the friends in question? Probably and easily both.

Get used to it, jo.
But. It. Just. Feels. Weird.


chelsea5manutd0 said...

congrats on ur papers, jo. keep it up!

joline said...


*beams* Thanks Eugene... :-) Hope to be able to keep up the momentum till i'm done with this semester. Trying to put my best into each paper i do. God has been really faithful, showing me things in such funny ways that i wouldn't have expected or thought was possible.