Wednesday, January 19, 2011

we never seem to be able to have a normal time. there's always a current of tension beneath what we've got and at any time, at any trigger, either one of us blows up.

it's amazing and beyond my understanding how you can totally and utterly fail to see how you push people away. you complain about how others run away, and when it is explained to you why, you sniff at the explanation and deny that anything is wrong with you. such is blindness brought about by pure and unbridled pride or pure density, or the sheer inability to self reflect.

like you said, it's a love-hate relationship. and i'm so sorry to hear that, in all honesty. i don't see why it has to be that way. i don't think God meant relationships to be that way.

i never want to be like you.


zenn said...

hey, cheer up! chinese new year is coming.

joline said...

haha, i should cheer up but i doubt it would have to do with CNY being around the corner. haha.

zen said...

u shud start baking macs again!That will CHEER u up! somehw i thot of egg tarts when i type this. dun u tink u shud try baking egg tarts? or peach, apple, pear, durian tarts?

joline said...

i told myself no macs for now, cos i really gotta write my dissertation pronto! i might bake muffins though. :) cos those are faster to make. egg tarts sounds nice. :)