Sunday, January 09, 2011

dinner feast we had with some relatives over. veg, salad, beef rendang, thai basil chicken, prawns, sausages and hot rice.
view of the sun setting between the two trees.

love how the wooden building stands out against the sunlit mountain.
water suspended in time.
yummy lunch of egg-mayo-onions, tomato, cheese and black pepper. i think i'm getting a little pudgey. hmm.
one of the dogs from another dogsled team. handsome guy isn't he? :) i love how he stared right into the camera.
this is Sun and Chocolate, two of the dogs from my dogsled team.

and this is Sun again. he's so adorable and in doofy way but he used to be one of the top racing dogs around in Vancouver, BC.
dog butts as we go along! they apparently love running and they thrive in subzero temperatures! like, -10degreesC and below? i think it was -25. the guide says they eat 5000 calories a day!

stopping for a break and i get a really good shot of them looking back at us. they're probably saying: c'mon guys! lets get going already!
my morning hot chocolate before the dogsled tour. it's so good on a cold, snowy, slushy morning.
a snowball for my targets. muah hahah. but had a change of heart afterwards and didn't throw it.


Anonymous said...

more picz!!!!!!

Lucille♥Love said...

picture of "two trees" is so romantic...^_^

wz said...

if humans eat 5k calories, i tink tat guy will be super duper over wt. cant run at all.

Melany said...

Gorgeous food and photos!

joline said...


yup, more coming soon!


:) thanks girl.


unless you're an athlete!


thanks much! :) these are some of my favourite photos from the past few days while on holiday.