Saturday, January 01, 2011

heehee, finally, a post NOT on macarons. yup, so i'm now in lovely and COLD Canada for my wintry family holiday. it's 11:10pm and i'm having a little personal computer time at the dining area with my cousin. am tired from the long flights and head feels a little woozy from the lack of proper sleep and maybe the plane ride. in general, trying to remain psyched for the days to come.
the streetview outside where i'm staying at. had to snap this quickly, but i like it a lot. didn't have much time to take my time to do macro shots of the lovely dried leaves on the ground because, 1) had to keep touristy behaviour to a minimum cos cousins and i were walking to the sushi shop, 2) temperature was below 0 degreesC. Eeps.
the food i've had so far has been lovely. trying to keep tabs on my eating cos the cold tends to make you overeat!
okay, going to sleep now though i would love to post pictures of the food i've had. i have been enlightened. had the biggest salmon sashimi piece ever for just $1.20 (Canadian). Man, Sg rips people off when it comes to food!


zzen said...

HI Joline! say hi to canada and people for me!

Lucille♥Love said...

It's so lovely...looks alot like melbourne...enjoy ur stay there dear :)

David Chen Weirong said...

Woo... Looks like a charming and peaceful neighbourhood. I can imagine swans and ducks happily floating around in a lake nearby. Or is anything liquid frozen outdoors now? :P

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joline said...


heehee, yes i will!


it is lovely... just a little too cold sometimes. need to keep moving to stop the cold from eating through the layers.


no lah, no ducks and swans! HAHAH. not many animals can be seen out actually. they're all hiding somewhere... the water bodies are pretty much all frozen. the neighbourhood is quiet, yes. cousins says it's still not safe to go out alone though.