Thursday, January 06, 2011

random shots from the day. :)

doing the snow angel thingy. it really did look quite pretty when you get up!

soiling my pretty boots. but boy, they are so comfy, and right out from the box too!
aunt says: it was meant to be. i say: amen.

cold and windy up here! we were coming out from the food court to go back to the gondola station and had to run through a bit of open space. we decided to brave the cold for some photos, so aunt, mum and i each took turns to scamper to that scenic spot.

yes, mum's idea to put reindeer branch ears on ourselves.


no clue abt canada at all said...

JOLINE!!!! u are enjoying urself in canada eh? good for u. good for me too, cos i got an pay increment! is a good day.tats my conclusion. i seriously wonder do they have log cabins?fireplaces? meat pies? shepard pies?

Anonymous said...

wats e brand of e snow shoe n buy from where?

Lucille♥Love said...

IT's so so NICE!! wow...won't it be fun if we have this kind of trips in a group of friends? double, triple the fun...!

joline said...


yes, i AM enjoying myself! not looking forward to the plane ride home though, cos it makes me feel somewhat sick for a while. and the jetlag afterwards. ack.

well, haven't actually been in a log cabin just yet. but there is a REAL fireplace down at the lobby and hot apple cider which tastes lovely.

the boots brand is merrell i think. not sure if i spelt it correctly. i got it from a store here in canada.


yeah, i think so! :DD

showing away in a faraway land said...

joline, the idea of a fireplace and nice hot cup of drink while the world is snowing away just makes it seem so surreal, so romantic.HAHA

joline said...

you bet! the way the fire crackles and pops in the warm woody lobby is so charming. really gotta spend some time down there tomorrow night before i leave on monday.

David Chen Weirong said...

wonder if can bring marshmallows to toast over the fireplace.. :P

Hope everyone's doing good even in that cold :)

joline said...

hahah, i think that's why they put a mesh in front of the fire... ;P

yup, everyone's doing well, thanks dear. just that dad's knee is hurting from too much skiing. happy problem.