Wednesday, April 21, 2010

V and i went to the littlematchgirl boutique at Tiong Bahru Plaza this evening... and i think we left the floor slippery with our drool.

The collection that they've got currently is SO, ME. Toga tops and dresses, tops with frills that are not over the top but just enough to accentuate the lines on the garment, lace, semi-looking halter neck tops (dunno what you call them). Gosh. LOVE. Slightly annoyed that their website does not seem to be working. Meh. :(

Didn't buy anything cos the clothes weren't within my budget. Some other boutiques that are carrying stuff now that are extremely me are, Miss Selfridge, Dorothy Perkins, Mango... All the earthy tones, relaxed, flowy, beachy at times. AGH! But all cannot afford. This's one of the pertinent reasons why i resort to shopping online. Ah well.

Ah yes, we watched How to Train your Dragon, and it is such a lovely, heart warming show... And cute as well... The character creators and animators really know how to make (animal loving) audiences squeak with delight! The dragons behave exactly like dogs and cats that we are more familiar with. Themes in the movie were love and friendship, family, acceptance, identity. Toothless the dragon reminded me of Jed big time, so much so that i just wanted to go home and cuddle Jed so bad!

At the end of the show, the image of Hiccup and Toothless walking side by side each other with each of their little physical flaws is stuck in my mind. Hiccup lost his leg from the knee down and had a metal replacement, while Toothless's tail had a fin missing... Handicapped in some way, but both accept one another as they are and help one another make up for their shortcomings. Sweet. :)


zzen said...

when are u officially graduating? as in finish ur dissertation? i will be graduating this sept.i will be having exams in june and after tat will work on final yr porject then sept will get my happy...i want to go uni next yr! just for personal satisfication. cos i believe i still want those simple jobs, i dun want a job too headache one.see how bah, i have got until end of this yr to tink thru

joline said...


i finish by the end of this year, and will convocate (graduation ceremony) next year.

go for it! your degree i mean. :)

zeen said...

but if i spend so much money to study, then i do a low pay job, very heart pain leh.but i personally dun like too much responsibility work.i prefer simple job. dun tink i can be hr executive. but somebody told me maybe my thinking will change when i do degree

Joline said...


if a degree is just for personal satisfaction, then i think things would be different, no? you may or may not change your mind la. :)

zen said...

haiz...anyway i finish my diploma than say abt degree...i very stressed abt my 2 assignments on law leh. cant find much on internet and law books at lib.....hw? i m really lost leh

joline said...


no textbook? or online journals that your school shld allow you guys to have access to? try national library?

Anonymous said...

i went to nat lib ytd. the textbooks are nt useful. tink he wants us to tink thru

lawyerZ said...

hey,i decided i must do a degree la. becos i tink i m too lowly paid now.haiz. next yr i will go sim,unisim where there is 40% subsidy hopefully, it wont burn my pocket tat much.just hope i can cope with it.managed to find some info on wikipedia for my law assignmt. gg to ask my consultant at office. i mean make full use of the law firm ma. ask, at least got chance, nv ask, no chance. he is a lawyer, so i assumed he will know wat is promissory estoppel. hope n pray he will shed some light on my law assignmt.PRAYS~