Thursday, April 01, 2010

HATE paperwork (post counselling report writing). Like, detest.

But... Anyway, with a little help here and there, i'm finding it to be a slightly more positive experience being in the counselling room... I find that having a little confidence (and of course, some priming) helps a big fat deal.

Today, had counselling "overload" in a good way. Lots of case conceptualization training, analyses, learning from others and just talking things out with my counsellor classmate who helped talk me through some of my own knots. Realized, it's quite nice talking to guy friends cos they don't get emotional easily. Sure, there are cons to that part of men (the whole hear-problem-give-solution shebang), but sometimes, all you need is some straight talking guy friend who is sensitive to your worldview but who will also challenge you without having emotions as part of the equation.

Learning curve is like scaling the Devils Tower. But after a day of counsellor-cog-wheel-frenzy, it feels pretty good actually. I think it's because i find myself thinking more in line with other counsellors and i feel as if i'm doing some things right. AT LAST. Need more practice in the counselling room, need dialogue with other experienced counsellors. There's so much to learn and i am lapping it up!

Got home after a long day of being at work and school and looked at my growing pile of clothes that were meant to be hand washed. On other nights, i'd be groaning internally but tonight i decided, "kay, tonight's a good night for some quiet, solitary, brainless activity". So i take my pile of clothes to the washing area and started the whole washing routine. It felt good. Seriously.

Today was a good day. Started pretty darn early, but i was surprisingly "lucid" the whole day despite all the mental acrobatics. On most days, i would've shut down a long time ago.

It must've been mom praying for me throughout the day. Yesterday night, i was grumpy, solemn, stressed, anxious and downright grouchy. So much so that i blurted it out to my mom and she cheerfully said that she would pray for me. Well, looking at the dramatic change in me today, all i can say is, prayer works.

Well. Of course. :)


zen said...

it is learning curve for all of us. i m also learning in my new company and it is always a joy to learn new things! i love my sch and i cant bear to graduate in sept. sch is ending in may. sian leh. i dun want to do final yr project, i want to go class leh.....i will miss all my frends liao.....ok i was off topic hor.
oh ya, i meant to say: as u go along, u will gain experience. and u will make a good counsellor! it takes time and experience to be more at ease la.

joline said...


actually, me too... i wanna leave school liao but i will really miss my classmates with whom i've worked with, the laughter and suffering throughout the course. i really hope my lecturers don't mind if i sit in for future classes just so that i can keep learning (without the asssignments! haha).

i agree totally. more experience and time needed... for confidence and skills to build up. i guess i'm quite a scaredy person in general.

zzen said...

i guess all good things come to an end, we just have to keep in touch (facebook?) with our dear will miss my classmates....but i kinda look forward to half yr break of no sch!heeeeehheee. still thinking shud i go sim to study or nt leh...i miss this yr's intake. so the next intake is next yr.

IzzyBellyHoo said...

always encouraging to hear how you overcome things in your life :)

And April is here ;)

joline said...


what would u like to achieve out of continuing your studies? :)


thanks girl. i hope to encourage others in whatever way. of course, i still do have my crap days. HAHA.

yes dear, shall we look at late april? ;) (last assignment is due on the 14th)cos