Wednesday, April 14, 2010

All Assignments. Status: DONE
It is really all over now. (Unless i fail my module lah)
Ah, so bittersweet. Now... time for my dissertation! :D


Sad. My glass bottle of Aesop facial cleansing oil crashed onto the floor this morning just before i needed to leave for school. My heart dropped to the floor along with bottle as i stared at the shattered bottle and the glass shards that lay on the floor from my bathroom to my room, and i felt such a sense of loss when i saw the rich yellow oil spread across the tiles. To think that just a moment ago as i was washing my face i was thinking: I must find a way of how not to waste this...

I know, it's just a facial cleanser... But it was something i saved up for because it really is quite pricey and it was something that never failed to give me precious, refreshing, pleasureable moments in the middle of a busy day whenever i inhaled the beautiful aroma of botanical oils. Oh well. :(

On another note... Well, my semester is OVER! ALL my assignments have been handed in. No more pressing deadlines! :DDD True, i've STILL got my dissertation to write, but that's another chapter altogether.

I spoke to my lecturer in her office today and I'm reminded again of how grateful i am for her support for me. She was the one who listened when my class had a mini crisis, she helped me through my practicum last year when i was facing some issues, and she was there as i spoke and cried (yeah, i did... the tears just came uncontrollably. *facepalm*) in her office when i shared how i taxed i was feeling from my family situation and needed a break form everything.

Today, she expressed to me that she and the other lecturers see potential in me to pursue my PhD. I've ever thought of doing that, yes. But that will come after some working experience and only if it contributes to something. I would only do it if it benefits in some meaningful way, because... i HATE academic writing. I'm honoured that she would think this of me as i do hold PhD holders in high regard. As i walked out from her office, i have to admit that i was chuckling to myself about my recent couple of assignments that was... well... kinda just well, in my opinion, sucky.

So i came home and had a leisurely lunch of leftover dinner from yesterday.

I can't remember the last time i had lunch in front of the television in the afternoon. Or watching television in the afternoon, for that matter.

(ok, i know that privilege doesn't apply to working people though!)


Lucille said...

It *does* apply to watashi...;p

zzen said...

gosh, i tmr lunchtime have to write report for today's course on re-employment mature workers. sian la. jo, congrats, it is quite an achievement for ur supervisor to consider u phd potential. pls impart me hw u do ur research n hw to write a proper report.

joline said...


That's NICE!
Right, i meant, the "9-5 folks".


hm... i'm not sure what your course requires. but i usually do my research at the national library because of the range of stuff there. and also, if your school has contracts with vendors (that provide journals online), it's important to read up on journal articles. generally, it is important to do plenty of reading and then applying the concepts and examples to substantiate your report. great to talk about Singapore context.

about the report writing... what exactly are the expectations?

z said...

8pages size 12 font. hw to implement age friendly initiatives in a fast food restuarant tat is severely short on man power.i need to do tasks analysis and redesign job of 4 positions, kitchen helper, cook, cashier, counter asst. die la.

Lucille said...

don't worry, true love still exists :)