Tuesday, April 06, 2010

A little appreciation in a poem, a song, a short sentence of realization, or some kind of explicit verbal expression would be nice. I feel so alone, unloved and unappreciated sometimes.

Words seem to be my love language, huh.


"So what if they get angry with you? It's not your fault when they get angry with you."
"How can that be? It came from me what."
"If you said the same thing to 100 people, would all 100 people be angry with you? It's what they are thinking (internal belief system) on the inside that determines their reactions. (And it would differ for every person)"
"(ok... he has a point) But what if i say something that would totally piss everyone off? Like, 'You're an idiot?"
"Would you say 'you're an idiot' in the session?"
"Uh... no. But it's not so much of what i say, but more of what i do or don't do..."

"Counsellors and Psychologists tend to have a Messiah Complex. We think that we need to save everyone, every time. Thing is, we cannot save every person. We are not responsible for their lives, nor their problems. We are only able to help them in that 1 hour that we are with them. What they choose to do outside the counselling room is their choice and not something we can control. 1 hour is all we have, the rest of the 23 hours is theirs. Our responsibility is only within that 1 hour."

"I feel so inadequate."
"I feel that way too. I learnt from a senior, that self doubt is a constant, and an occupational hazard for every counsellor"
"(thinks: *#$%%$#^%*)"

"I cannot be everyone's close friend"


zzen said...

yeah of cos. diagnosis can be made. prognosis can be good. but if the person doesnt want to change, there is only so much, we can do to help them

Anonymous said...

hahaha. jo, this is so cute! haha.


joline said...


yeap. the fact that they come for counselling is good because there is a hope that things can be done. But sometimes when it comes to the crux of the matter, it can be like what my supervisor told me yesterday: "They CAN do it (make the changes), but WILL they do it? No."


haha... well, this was from a talk with my classmate who has quite a bit of counselling experience. it was enlightening enough for me to want to pen the conversation down somewhere. i like talking to (some) guys because they can straight with you, challenge your worldview with sensitivity and most importantly, in a non-threatening way.

zen said...

sometimes, it is such a pity that they refused, absolutely, refused to change no matter hw we talked to them. tried the hard scolding, the soft cajoling, no use at all. Such a pity, becos we know the consequences more that they see themselves. well, there is HOPE.we live to see the tiniest hope we have in them to change and make their life better

greatchandeliers.com said...

Thank you for sharing it.

Lucille said...

So whose conversation quotations do they belong to?

Joline said...


Mine and a counsellor friend.

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