Saturday, April 03, 2010

heart and soul capturing pieces

The driving earthy beat, with what sounds like ethnic specific instruments coming together with an orchestra to create a rich, expansive auditory experience. I could also almost picture myself standing atop a cliff and looking down at a vast open landscape before me with the wind catching in my hair.

After listening to some music Gem sent me from a Japanese anime, i was reminded of a very short snippet of music from another Japanese film called Princess Mononoke. I remember my heart being hopelessly captured by just a few bars of music that was tastefully embedded in a video that my JC friend had created for the JC (he was in the media resource club. G should know who. ;) ). Here's an orchestra playing music from that film, but the melody i heard so many years ago isn't from this piece. If you don't have the patience to listen to orchestra music, don't click on this one unless you enjoy musicians in close-up action. But of course, the piece is good listening as well. :)

The short snippet is found in this piece! 1) 0:56-1:05, 2) 1:45-1:56, 3) 3:59-4:06. The chord structure! OMG. So heart wrenchingly beautiful. But of course, best to listen to the whole piece.

On Youtube, this particular piece received a whole lot of responses from people who were so touched by the music and now i'm one of them. It gave me the goosebump chills just taking it all in. It has soul. Grand, passionate, majestic. Usually i would enjoy a piece of music from a movie better after watching the movie with the soundtrack, but this really got me hook, line and sinker without the movie which was out about 10 years i think.

The rich sound of the impassioned guitar solo caught my attention at the start of the song. The entrance of the saxophone was tentative and gentle but gets more urgent and it sings a heart tugging melody to you. And then.... THE GUITAR AND SAXOPHONE GO CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!! Some crazy riffs can. Woah liao eh, i could listen to it forever on loop.

Piano, flute and orchestra intertwining to create a gentle, flowing, yet decisive piece. Fresh, inspiring, heart wrenching.

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