Friday, August 14, 2009

It's amazing how close minded/tunnel visioned/under exposed/etc some pastors can be.

Case 1:
"Secondary school kids having sex? No lah! So young, how can they be having sex?"


Case 2:
"You don't know about the 3 Ss? How long have you been a Christian? Usually if you've been a Christian for a long time, you would know."
(3 Ss refers to self governing, self sufficient, self ...., it's one of the terms used in the misson field in a particular country)

HELLO?! Not everyone is exposed to missionary work terms ok? How can people equate the length of one's walk as a Christian to whether the person knows about some specialized jargon used. Ridiculous conclusion.

And these are pastors in the age range of 50ish. Embarrassing.


zzen said...

i tink more youths are engaging in such behv than many pple thought lor.those working in schs know tis very well lor.

zzen said...

i gt a p4 ger tells me abt wat 'games' men play. she told me nt to be naive. i was like....opppp oh, how come she knws so much?really they are more knowledgeable than wat we thot they(children) are.

joline said...


WHAT?! primary FOUR!?!?! what in the world sial....

can u believe it? said...

yesh primary 4 in a gers sch. quite a famous sch. i was shocked too.imagine someone less than half ur age tells u such things. she also intro me to skype when i was nt even in facebook yet. tat was really early. she must have gotten her info from the net.

old but not worldly wise said...

u know wat she told me? some men treat u as toys! that shocking? tats when she said, dun be naive, to me.can u imagine??i simply cannt imagine how she comes to such a conclusion.....i thot ger schs are more sheltered. well, lets hope i m rite.

joline said...

MY GOODNESS. I mean, for facebook and skype i can understand, for a primary school kid.
but for her to tell you that guys treat you as toys?!

but then again, when she said toys, what does she mean?

my goodness said...

i tink she meant some guys toy with ur feelings? i dunno. i was quite shocked to hear her say that. she is only 10 yrs old for goodness sake!