Sunday, August 30, 2009

a huge part of my schooling life involved around playing in concert/military bands... as i'm listening to persis overture, and gloriosa, i am hit by such a longing to be part of a band once again, playing the alto saxophone as part of a contributing sound to the overall band sound.


i miss, like crazy, those days. where can i look for a good and established adult band that won't be THAT particular about whether you'd be a liability in terms of technique and skill, but will just be a group of people who play well and also just want to play because, MUSIC is BEAUTIFUL. Period.


WR @ David said...

Wonder if we can find a band to join together and be in the same section again in future heh :)

joline said...


*beeeg grin*
*fond memories* *beam*

do lets find a band!